Stunned by the Slice Split : A Hotpot Date Sparks a heated Debate


A recent Xiaohongshu post by a woman has ignited a heated debate on the dynamics of modern dating in China. The woman recounted an unusual blind date experience where her date suggested splitting the dinner bill proportionally to the number of meat slices each had eaten during a hotpot meal.

The encounter took a turn after the meal, which concluded around 11 pm, when her date invited her for a drink. She declined, citing the late hour. This led to a swift change in his demeanor, as he questioned if she was a "gold digger" expecting the man to pay on the first date. In response, she proposed splitting the bill, leading to a meticulous calculation of each item consumed.

The receipt, which she shared, detailed a 300 yuan (US$40) meal, with the bill annotated to show each party's share. The man insisted on excluding the fried bean curd rolls from his share, claiming he hadn't eaten any, and argued for paying only a third of the meat cost, as the woman had consumed more. Even the 3-yuan (40 US cents) difference in their drinks was accounted for, resulting in the woman paying 48.6 yuan (US$6.7) more than her date.

The situation was further complicated when the woman received a call from her mother, relaying the man's criticism of her as "wasteful and materialistic." The woman, who described herself as a "single, older female employee at an internet company," felt the pressure of societal expectations and familial urgings to marry, which led her to agree to the blind date.

Her story resonated widely, prompting an outpouring of support and shared experiences from those navigating the complexities of dating. Suggestions from commenters ranged from involving a matchmaker as an auditor for bill splitting to disregarding the calculations and paying the entire bill to avoid further conflict.

This incident highlights the ongoing conversation about gender roles and expectations in Chinese dating culture, where bizarre blind dating stories often capture the public's attention.

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