Weight Loss,Pay Raise?China Company's Novel US$140,000 Incentive


In the quest for a healthier workforce, one Chinese tech giant is turning heads and winning hearts with a unique incentive — cold, hard cash for shedding those extra pounds. Insta360, a Shenzhen-based tech firm, has put a whopping one million yuan (about US$140,000) on the table to spur its employees to slim down, and the results are nothing short of inspiring.

Dubbed a 'weight-loss boot camp with benefits,' Insta360's initiative has seen 150 participants drop a collective 800kg since its inception, pocketing a total of 980,000 yuan in cash rewards. The program, now a staple on mainland social media, has garnered Insta360 a reputation as a company that cares about its staff — both in health and happiness.

The secret to this weight loss phenomenon? Teamwork and a little friendly competition. Employees are divided into groups of 10 and 5, weighed weekly, and rewarded with 400 yuan (US$55) for every 0.5kg the group loses on average. The catch? If anyone gains weight, the entire group misses out on the bonus, with a 500 yuan penalty hanging over their heads.

Take staff member Li, for example. Initially drawn to the program by the promise of extra cash and a nudge towards better health, Li lost an impressive 17.5kg over three months — earning him a tidy sum of 7,410 yuan (US$1,000). His daily routine of running, swimming, and basketball, coupled with a disciplined diet, has left him feeling lighter, more energetic, and ready to take on the court.

The innovative initiative has sparked a flurry of admiration online. "What a fairy company it is. I wish I could work there," gushes one Weibo user. Another jokes, "I'd run 10km every day — watch out, Insta360, my presence could spell bankruptcy!"


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