2 martial arts instructors caused the death of a boy。

The Qingdao Intermediate People's Court announced the first-instance verdict in the case of a boy who suffered fatal injuries from martial arts instructors on Thursday. The court sentenced two defendants to life in prison and placed a third on probation. 

The court sentenced Zhang Xianbin and Li Haiding to life imprisonment for intentional injury, along with the permanent loss of their political rights. The court sentenced Zhang Jiahao, an additional defendant, to three years in prison and a five-year probationary period for intentional injury. The court has ruled that they all cannot work in close proximity to juveniles.

On June 10, 2023, the victim, Zhai, who was born in 2014, joined Zhang Xianbin's conjugal art club to enroll in training. Zhang, along with the other two defendants, physically assaulted and bound Zhai for failing to perform training exercises accurately during a teaching session at the club approximately one week later. 

They found Zhai incapacitated and transported him to the hospital, where they declared him deceased. The boy's death was the result of multiple blunt force injuries that resulted in extensive soft tissue contusions, traumatic shock, and pulmonary fat embolism, as disclosed by the forensic examination. 

Zhang, the club's proprietor, contacted the police at approximately 2:00 p.m. on the same day, and they subsequently transported him to the police station for questioning. According to the court, the three individuals admitted to the offence.

Defendants Zhang Xianbin and Li Haiding used violence to beat the boy during training, which resulted in his death. Their repeated beating and binding of an underage pupil for an extended period of time constitute the crime of intentional injury. The criminal circumstances are severe, the methods are cruel, and the consequences are severe, resulting in substantial damage to society. In its ruling, the court emphasized that the law should impose severe penalties on them.

The court ruled that Zhang Jiahao, the club proprietor's son, should face the appropriate punishment for his involvement in the crime.

Defendants Zhang and Li filed appeals in response to the verdict, expressing their dissatisfaction. The junior Zhang did not make an appeal. According to The Paper, the victim's relatives have expressed their dissatisfaction with the verdict and intend to file an appeal.

China's legal system consists of two trial levels, the second of which serves as the final judgement.