Will Coronavirus Affect College Students' Employment Options?

Source: China Daily

The number of college graduates in 2020 is expected to reach 8.74 million, according to the Ministry of Education. Compared with last year, the number of recruitment demands for college students decreased by 16.77% in the first quarter, while the number of job applications increased by 69.82%. The COVID-19 outbreak has had an impact on the job market for college students. What employment options do college students have in this situation?

GhostBuster (Expat in China)

A job is the provision of a livelihood and means of living.

No job would last a lifetime due to rapid, drastic changes to meet a new and uncertain future filled with sudden changes. Hence, if I were a college student this year, I would prefer to choose a more stable job. For instance, in this current epidemic situation, choosing to be a teacher will bring me a relatively stable life.

Luckystar (China)

It is now the last semester of my university. However, due to the COVID-19 epidemic situation, the school start time has been delayed and meanwhile the demand for corporate recruitment has been reduced, accompanying an increased pressure on employment competition among college students.

All of these disrupted my original plan to find a job this semester, and now I decided to continue my postgraduate study to improve my employment competitiveness.

AbbottXs (China)

I am a graduating college student this year. Before the novel coronavirus outbreak, I had planned to prepare for campus recruitment held by major well-known companies in the last semester, but the unoptimistic economic situation caused by this epidemic also brought uncertainty to major companies.

At present, I am more inclined to choose a public position than to choose an enterprise. Now I am preparing for the National Civil Service Examination at home.

CeciliaQ (China)

Unfortunately, I am no longer a college student. I work in a medium-sized company now. During the epidemic, I deeply realized how low the affordability of small and medium-sized enterprises was when they faced an unoptimistic economic situation. The pressure of layoffs and the instability of benefits and wages, all of which has proved the importance of the size and management of the enterprise.

I have some suggestions about employment options for those who are about to graduate. If you have the ability to enter a big company, then compete for it with your self-confidence. If you are not confident, I recommend you step up and improve your own ability and competitiveness now. Do not rush to choose a company to start work!

Coldplayer (China)

I always had a plan to start a business after graduation, but I have given up this idea because of this long-lasting epidemic. Over the past few months at home, I found another way to work -- online teaching.

Id like to have a stab at recording tutorial videos of playing piano and post them online to see how this way works. Although it is not a method to get a stable income, it is basically a risk-free employment model compared to starting a business in this period.