Useful Mandarin Phrases: Qingming Festival

Tomb-Sweeping Festival, a traditional Chinese holiday in honor of the ancestors, has arrived. Have you decided where to go? If youre traveling domestically over the three-day holiday, you may want to put your Mandarin skills to the test along the journey. If thats the case, then weve got you covered with this handy Qingming phrase guide, which covers everything from the name of the festival itself to its unique snacks.

Tomb-Sweeping Festival


Tomb sweeping


Burn paper money


Fly kites


Green rice balls made of rice flour and wormwood juice


Can I have some green rice balls?

Yu qingtuan m?

Do you prefer sweet flavor or salty flavor?

N x hun tin ku de hi sh xin ku de?

What's the filling inside the green rice balls?

Qngtun sh shn me xin'er de?

Red bean paste

Du sh xin

Salted egg yolk

Xin dn hung xin

Meat Floss


How much is it?

Zhg dushoqin?

What's your plan for the Tomb-Sweeping Festival?

Qngmngji yu shn me n pi ma?

Where did you go during the three-day holiday?

Sntin xiochngji nq nl wnle a?

Can I take a photo of this?

W nng gi zh g pi zhng zho m?

I don't eat meat/peanut/dairy products/seafood.
W b ch ru/hu shng/ni zhpn/ hi xin.

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