Practical COVID-19 Phrases for growing scrutiny


With foreigners unable to enter China for the foreseeable future, it's likely inevitable that expats will encounter growing scrutiny. In the meantime, here are some phrases that will hopefully see you through day-to-day encounters.


I have already completed my 14-day quarantine.


w y jng g l gu sh s tin le.


I have stayed in Beijing this entire time and never left the country.

w y zh di zi bi jngmi ch gu gu


I have taken a nucleic acid test and the result was negative.

w zu gu h sun jin c lesh yn xng

My temperature is normal36.5 


W de twn zhngchng sn sh li din w d

I have never been to Hubei.

w mi q gu h bi.


I am from xxx (country name), which is not a severely affected area.


w li z xxx, n l y qng b yn zhng.

I am sorry, it is hay fever that is making me sneeze and my nose run, not the coronavirus.

b ho y si, w li b t, d pn t sh yn wi gu mn.