Official Schedule for Summer Holidays for Schools!

Source: OT-Team (AFJ)

On April 10, the Nanjing Education Bureau announced the arrangement of summer vacation of primary and secondary schools, which soon drew wide attention from the mass public. Later, other cities including Chengdu and Changsha have also released their arrangements of summer vacation of year 2020.

Schedule of Summer Vacation

As of the afternoon of April 20, the authorities of these regions have released their schedule regarding summer vacation.

Shanghai Announces Schools Opening Dates: 

Classes for second graders in middle and high schools in Shanghai will resume on May 6; the rest, and the fourth and fifth graders in primary schools, will resume on May 18; the opening date for the rest in primary schools is undecided. Earlier it was announced that graduating students at middle and high schools can return to campuses on April 27. 

Are Classes allowed during the summer vacation?

As for the issue that if it is allowed to have make-up classes on weekends and summer holidays, multiple local authorities have given their replies, which are as follows:

Beijing: All schools shall not occupy weekends or summer holidays to give classes to non-graduation grades.

Henan: No need to take up the weekends of primary students for classes. However, the junior and senior middle schools can make up for lessons on the weekends and summer vacation.

Shaanxi: All schools can arrange classes on weekends, and they are allowed to shorten the summer vacation.

Sichuan: Primary and secondary schools can adjust weekends and summer holidays for make-up classes.

Guangdong: Universities and secondary vocational schools can adjust weekends and summer holidays for classes.

Shandong: Primary and secondary schools can reduce weekends and summer vacation for classes.

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