Man Causes 115 People to be Quarantined After...

Source: OT-Team(AFJ)

On April 28, news was released about a close contact of one confirmed case of COVID-19 in Tiandeng County, Guangxi, named Xu, dined with nearly 115 villagers in his hometown on Monday, and led all of them to undergo a 14-day home-based isolation, which caused the public to complain.

The Announcement

Unexpectedly Informed by Police

Per the news staff, Xu stayed in a hotel in Zengcheng District of Guangzhou on April 12 and 19 and then returned to his hometown to attend a funeral of a family member on Monday. Actually, he had no idea of that he had already contacted with a confirmed case at that time until he got a phone call from the Guangzhou public security bureau. Then he told his village committee and began home-based isolation without delay.

As of now, according to the Guangxi CDC, they are still searching for the people who have taken the bus with the license plate number of Gui F61790 (F61790) at 15:30 on April 27, if someone does, please report to your community immediately.

Dos and Don'ts During Hoildays

Thus, during the May Day Holiday, when the total number of passengers is expected to exceed 117 million, how can each person travel safely? Here are some suggestions from the Sate Council.

Everyone should take the nearby tourist attractions where no recent cases of COVID-19 have been reported as his/her first choice. And avoid the hot spots and the rush hour of any place; if someone really wants to go to the trans-regional attractions, he/she must contact the scenic spots in advance to learn about local epidemic prevention policies, and prepare enough masks and disinfection supplies.

Each person must wear a good mask all the way, mind personal hand hygiene, reduce the number of meals when on planes, trains or other means of transportation.

More importantly, everyone shall properly keep the tickets and bills for reference.

Choose a hotel with good sanitary conditions and open all the windows at once after check-in.

In the scenic spot, each person must keep a social distance of more than one meter from others. And its ideal for choosing the takeout food. However, if some have to dine in the restaurant, it is recommended to sit at intervals or eat on the same side, and avoid touching public facilities as much as possible.

Avoid attending any kind of dinner party. Everyone needs to use public chopsticks and spoons even if eating with their family.