JobsRheumatism hospital doctor| 25K - 30K RMB per month

Job description

1. Responsible for careful examination of patients' condition in the hospital, careful diagnosis, correct handling of cases, rational use of drugs, and elimination of wrong diagnosis;   2. You should have rich clinical experience, and be good at diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic pain, rheumatic immunity and other pain diseases. 3, according to the arrangement of the hospital to do prevention publicity, spread knowledge of prevention and rescue;  


1. Bachelor degree or above in clinical medicine, internal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, integrated Chinese and western medicine, with intermediate or above professional title, certificate of practicing physician, the certificate can be registered and changed. 2. Rich experience in clinical work, good at diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic pain, rheumatic immunotherapy and other pain diseases; 3, quality requirements: meticulous and rigorous and affinity character, a strong sense of responsibility, a sense of service and ability. 4. Clear and fluent language expression, good communication skills; 5, familiar with basic computer knowledge, typing skilled; 6. Good professional ethics and teamwork spirit;

Required Languages

Chinese, English

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