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Our client is is a social enterprise dedicated to providing high-quality special education, developmental, behavioral and mental health services in Shanghai and the Greater China area. For this client, we are looking for a Programs Director, based in Shanghai, to lead the companys full-time program, specially tailored for children who benefit from highly individualized programs in a caring, small environment. Purpose: The key purpose of the role of Programs Director is to positively impact the lives of Programs children and their families, through ensuring that they are provided with the highest possible standards of teaching, therapy and care, that meet their individual needs. The Programs Director achieves excellence in the quality and delivery of individualized programming primarily through: a) administrative, operational and people leadership of the Programs department, b) strategic improvements in curriculum and methodologies and c) working in true partnership with current, prospective and transitioning families. High standards are sustained through the fostering and maintenance of a collaborative culture within which staff, children and families feel engaged, empowered and supported in their roles. Influence: The Programs Director has considerable influence over all staff within the Programs department, and has the power to develop and shape staffing, curriculum, teaching approaches, embedded therapies, trainings, procedures, processes and policies. The Programs Director also has considerable figurehead influence over Programs families, who require the Directors consultative support as needed. A key representative of the company internally and in the community, the Programs Director has significant influence over the companys reputation and community relations, and the growth of the Programs department in particular. The Programs Director is a member of the companys Senior Management Team and has the opportunity to participate in organization-wide decision-making, projects and tasks. Key Accountabilities Outcome(s) Provide administrative and operational leadership for the Programs department, including: - Continuously developing and overseeing the execution of departmental systems, procedures, processes and policies. - Managing all departmental HR responsibilities including recruitment and onboarding; employee performance reviews; employee coaching/improvement plans and disciplinaries; leave requests, periods of absence and staff coverage plans. - Managing the department budget and financial activities, taking responsibility for revenue growth and appropriately controlled expenditure and investment. - Supporting the Finance department with planning and complex communications regarding fees and payment as needed.   Programs department has smooth and consistent routines and effective crisis/emergency procedures, all documented and stored effectively on Asana (online project management system) and SharePoint. Staff and families operate and engage with each other in a predictable environment that feels safe and secure for themselves and the children. Programs department is fully staffed with a majority of A-players (Topgrading approach). Employees are supported to continuously improve and progress. Staff shortages are well planned and resourcefully managed.   Programs department achieves a revenue growth target of 20% per annum, along with maintained or improved profit margins. ROI is measured and evidenced. Fee and payment related client issues are sensitively and effectively managed. Provide people leadership to all employees in the Programs department, including: - Communicating regularly with clarity, professionalism and passion about all key Programs initiatives, projects, activities and challenges. - Engaging staff in collaborative discussions and shared working on all key Programs initiatives, projects, activities and challenges. - Weekly one-on-one supervision and coaching of Program Leaders and Program Specialists (which includes advice and guidance on coaching and management of their direct reports). - Observing and monitoring classrooms, therapy activities, and family communications in order to provide accurate, timely feedback. Staff team feel well-informed, heard and supported by senior management. Strong results on employee Net Promotor Score (NPS) measurements. Program Leaders and Program Specialists receive consistent, impactful supervision and coaching, resulting in improved educational and therapeutic programming and family engagement. Review and improve educational curriculum, teaching methodologies, embedded therapies and materials used within the Programs department, based on research evidence and best fit for each specific client demographic. Providing and/or arranging training, modelling and coaching to staff to ensure effective implementation. Each specific Program has a clearly defined philosophy, educational curriculum, methodological and therapeutic approach, and set of resources that staff and families understand, effectively implement and perceive to be of the highest possible standard. Manage and lead on the IEP process, including: - Quality reviewing and providing feedback on all IEP reports in advance of their finalization. - Attending and co-chairing IEP meetings with the relevant Program Leader for each Program child (IEP meetings take place twice a year per child). - Monitoring and ensuring the successful implementation of the IEP in each childs Program. All Programs children and their families receive high quality IEP reports, meetings and execution. Families receive highly professional communications regarding the IEP and have all their questions and concerns appropriately addressed. Work in true partnership with current, prospective and transitioning families, including: - Overseeing the admissions and enrollment process and providing direct, compelling consultations and tours to prospective families. - Effective planning and preparation for newly enrolled children and their families. - Investing in the development and maintenance of warm and trusting relationships with all current Program families. - Providing speeches and trainings to families on family days, at assemblies and other such events. - Providing individual family support and consultation as needed, including when there are complaints or safety issues. - Monthly in-person engagement with Parent Representatives, in order to continuously solicit and receive their views and perspectives. - Formally supporting families throughout the transition process, including providing appropriate information to schools or institutions applied to. Prospective families gain clarity about the benefits of the Program for their child, and trust in the expertise of staff and quality of the programming; resulting in growth in enrollment figures. Newly enrolled families find comfort and reassurance in the planning and preparation activities being undertaken in respect of their child. Current families feel personally connected to the Programs Director and feel secure with regards to the support they will receive while raising or receiving concerns. Parent Representatives feel meaningfully engaged in all key Programs initiatives, projects and activities. Transitioning families are supported to follow a formal communications and information-sharing process, with clarity about the opinions and limitations of ELG. Support community outreach and marketing, including: - Attending visits and meetings with key organizations/people in the community as needed. - Representing ELG at external community events and ELG-led events, including public speaking as required. - Supporting the Marketing team with Programs content, materials, advertising and outreach developments and improvements. Strong community reputation and relationships. Effective, targeted marketing activities that generate growth in enrollment figures. Senior management activities, including: - Attending and participating in Monday Team Meetings. This includes participating in organization-wide decision-making, project planning and task execution. - Positively representing the views and goals of the organization internally and externally. Trusted and valued member of the Senior Management Team. Recognized by wider staff group as an influential leader within the organization. Expected Time Allocation: Role Function Time Allocated % Administrative and operational leadership 20% People leadership 20% Improvements in curriculum, methodologies and approaches 15% Management and leadership of the IEP process 15% Partnership work with current, prospective and transitioning families 10% Community outreach and marketing 10% Senior management activities 10% Position Details: Department: The position of Programs Director is situated in the Programs department and the Senior Management Team. Reporting: Currently, this position reports to the Executive Director and has the following direct reports: 3 Program Leaders (who collectively have 30+ Senior Program Facilitators, Program Facilitators, Room Assistants and interns reporting into them). 4 Program Specialists. 1 Programs Operations Supervisor The reporting structure can be changed or reassigned based on financial conditions and business needs.


Requirements Education: Masters level degree or higher in a relevant discipline such as special education, teaching, developmental therapy or psychology (minimum requirement). Amount of related previous work experience: 5-10 years relevant work experience including leadership/management experience (minimum requirement). Level of spoken language: Written and oral fluency in English (minimum requirement); written and oral fluency in Mandarin (highly desirable). Technical skills: Strong interpersonal skills; leadership and supervision skills; training skills; public speaking skills (minimum requirement). Specific knowledge: Special education and therapy (minimum requirement); Chinese special education sector (highly desirable). Key Success Factors: Significant theoretical and practical expertise in special education and therapy approaches across a broad age and need range. Leadership experience and traits including - strong active listening and communication skills; critical thinking skills; coaching abilities; non-defensiveness; conflict resolution skills; empowering of others; strong sense of accountability; resourcefulness. Highly skilled in written and verbal professional communication, with keen attention to detail. Excellent organizational, task-management and time-management skills. Ability to independently manage own calendar, work to deadlines and ensure that others meet deadlines also. Flexible approach and willingness to adapt according to the needs of the department and/or organization.   Ability to articulately describe, explain and consult on a full range of special education and therapy services. Influential, passionate and professional representative of ELG, internally and externally.

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