Important Info About May Holiday & The Virus! FAQ!

Source: OT-Team (AFJ)

On April 22, 2020, according to CCTV, Wu Zunyou, an epidemiologist from China CDC, responded to the issues about the local confirmed cases of COVID-19 and whether the people across China could travel during the upcoming May Day holiday, which is quite informative.


Q1: There have been no local cases for only two days over the past 20 days. What is the view on the emerging local cases? Is it terrible?

A1: The vast majority of the recent sporadic local cases that we have been found are related to the imported cases, and most of them have been diagnosed during their medical observation, with only few exceptions such as the clustered cases in Beijing that were found immediately and had not spread.

Q2: The local cases of COVID-19 are linked to the imported cases as the pandemic in other countries hasnt been contained yet, so shall we get used to it? Are the local cases in China under control?

A2: Per the current strategy of prevention and control in China, generally speaking, weve got it under control. Additionally, we have reduced the number of international flights to China, meanwhile, we have strengthened the detection and control of all the airports and border crossings, which can reduce the imported and associated cases.

Q3: What are the problems shown in the Harbin case where a patient caused dozens of people infected?

A3: The case reminds us of three points. First, the novel coronavirus is so crafty that it is hard to be completely contained. Second, we still have weakness in the prevention and control, especially in the medical institutions, where the self-protection awareness of the medical staff is not strong, and the implementation of control measures is not in place. Third, the hospital management is not in place, resulting in secondary transmission of the virus in the hospital.

Q4: Is it necessary to carry out a nucleic acid test to everyone nationwide?

A4: Per the situation in China, the risk of infection is relatively low and its unnecessary to get everyone tested. However, people coming from overseas, high-risk areas, or being exposed to confirmed cases shall take the test.

Q 5: What is the accuracy of nucleic acid tests now?

A5: The sensitivity of the nucleic acid test is relatively high, but due to the novel coronavirus mainly attacks the lower respiratory tract, the odds of detection is about 50%-70%. Sometimes, even for some patients who have clinical symptoms, they need to go through 4 to 5 tests repeatedly for a diagnosis.

Q6: Under the current circumstances, is it possible for us to go travel on May Day holiday? Where are safe to go? What shall we be aware of?

A6: Yes, it is. However, although the risk of infection is still very small, it still cannot be ignored. My opinion is, it is safe to take a walk in the park, but it is inappropriate to gather or party. We cant act like it has gone.

Q7: Can we travel across provinces? Will a green code change?

A7: All over the country except for some places (like Harbin), where there are no reported cases of COVID-19, people shouldnt be too anxious. The only requirement is to control the flow of people. As for the green code, according to big data, as long as the place you go is a low-risk area, it will not change.

Q8: Can we go to Wuhan?

A8: Sure thing!

Q9: Can we attend a wedding, or other ceremonies?

A9: No, weddings, parties are not a great place to go for the time being, as you will never know the whereabouts of the people around you.

Q10: When can we resume a normal life?

A10: At this stage, where the global epidemic situation hasnt been well contained yet, it is unlikely for people to return to the previous life in a short time.