Guangzhou Gets Tough on Foreigners Violating Laws Amid Epidemic!

Police in Guangzhou, Guangdong province on Thursday said they will strengthen law enforcement on foreigners' cases related to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Guangzhou's public security regulator said at a press briefing that they will beef up the management of inbound and outbound travelers, and intensify punishment in accordance with law and regulations of foreigners who violate disease prevention and control rules.

Cai Wei, an official from the Guangzhou police, said that foreigners who refuse to cooperate with health authorities conducting COVID-19 investigations or refuse to provide their real health status and travel records, will receive legal education, detention and fines, based on what they do, in accordance with China's law. If they still refuse to cooperate, the cases will undergo administrative handling.

Cai Wei

For foreigners who refuse to undergo the required checkup, quarantine and treatment, public security will assist health authorities in enforcing the measures. The public have the right to invalidate the visas of people guilty of severe violations, who will then be given a certain period to leave China or face repatriation.

In addition, property owners who fail to register foreign tenants will be punished in accordance with China's anti-terrorism law, security administration punishment law, and emigration and immigration administration law.

Guangzhou police announced earlier April they had ordered a foreigner to leave China within a designated period of time after the man tried to escape central quarantine. The Health Authority of the city on Tuesday recorded a cluster of cross-infection among three family members caused by an imported case. 

Source: global times

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