Expats & Chinese Infected from Restaurant in Guangzhou

Source: OT-Team (AFJ)

On April 12, according to a press conference held by Guangzhou CDC, the spokesman Zhang zhoubin, stated recently a severe case happened in Guangzhou where a restaurant owner caused many people infected with the coronavirus. This was caused by concealing the fact that they provided the dine-in service, which alerted them to tightening the investigation of the COVID-19 related cases.

Caught Red-Handed

Per Zhang, on March 23, an imported case was seen in Guangzhou. During the epidemiological investigation, the patient showed them a business card of a restaurant saying that he had ordered take-out from there. Shortly after, the disease control staff went to examine restaurant and was told by the shopkeeper that they provided no dine-in service, only take-outs.

However, the restaurant was repeatedly mentioned in the epidemiological investigations as another two people were confirmed of being infected with COVID-19, where one of them recalled that he had dined with a friend of his in the restaurant. Thus, the disease control staff sensed that the shopkeeper might have not told the truth and thus they rushed to the restaurant for a second time. To their surprise, they spotted several people dining in there.

After further investigation, it was confirmed that the owner of the restaurant was already infected. Besides, the families, a friend, employees of the owner as well as the husband of an employee was all infected. 

Whats worse, it was found out that all the infected people in the surrounding key places had direct or indirect contact with the restaurant.

As of now, the restaurant has been shut down and fully disinfected, and all the infected people are under medical treatment in a designated hospital. The handling of the owners deed has not been released.