Eating, Begging, Peddling...All Banned in Subway!

Source: HangzhouTube, CGTN, Xinhua News, GLOBAL TIMES

China data; asymptomatic cases to be reported

China's National Health Commission has yet to release its daily update on coronavirus cases, with asymptomatic cases expected to be added to the tally. As of 11:30 Beijing time, Hubei and 8 other provinces still haven't reported their data; and the national cumulative data hasn't been released yet. 

We'll bring you the numbers once they're announced. 

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China bans incivilities including eating, begging and peddling in subway since Wednesday, according to a new regulation.

In view of the no-food clause, the regulation makes exceptions to passengers with special needs such as infants and patients.
The regulation on the operation and management of urban rail passenger transit, which takes effect on April 1, also prohibits littering and busking in carriages.
"Behaviors such as begging and peddling disrupt the public order and compromise passenger's travel experience. They tend to cause passenger disputes, especially in the rush hour," said Wang Xiuchun, an official with the Ministry of Transport. 
In addition, the regulation asks passengers to use earphones when using electronic gadgets instead of setting their speakers aloud.

Jack Ma Donates 800 Ventilators to Europe

A total of 800 ventilators, 300,000 sets of protective gowns and 300,000 face shields will be delivered to hard-hit countries in Europe, Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group, posted on his Twitter account on Monday .


The Electronic World Trade Platform smart logistics hub, which was jointly built by the Belgian government and Alibaba at Belgium's Liege Airport, has played an important role in processing relief goods from China to Europe.


Cainiao, Alibaba's logistics subsidiary, will increase its charter cargo flights between east China's Hangzhou city and Liege to five a week to send relief goods to Europe. 

Hangzhou Distributes Nearly 30 Million Worth of Coupons

Hangzhou has distributed 28.89 million yuan worth of coupons to encourage consumption, which in turn has driven consumer spending of 453 million yuan in three days.


The Hangzhou government has announced it will give out subsidies worth 500 million yuan to boost consumption, of which 15 million yuan will be for needy people and 485 million yuan will be used for consumption via digital payment platforms.


The first batch of coupons was released on last Friday and is valid until April 2. For each payment exceeding 40 yuan at designated vendors, consumers can receive subsidies of 10 yuan from the government. Each consumer can enjoy a subsidy of up to 50 yuan.


The effect of the coupon campaign has been obvious. As of 4:00 pm on Sunday, 28.89 million yuan of subsidies had been redeemed, which in turn has driven consumer spending of 453 million yuan, according to data from the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce.

Zhejiang CT Manufacturer to Help in Frontline Battle Against COVID-19

MinFound Medical Systems Co, is a CT manufacturer based in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province. More than 30 mobile CT systems, named CT Ark, manufactured by the company have been used in Wuhan to diagnose COVID-19, and many CTs will be shipped to foreign countries like Italy and Germany to help fight against the pandemic.


Photos: Yang Hui/GT

Tips for Self-Protection from COVID-19 in Public Transport

Here are some tips from experts that you can follow to better protect yourself against the COVID-19 when taking public transport such as the bus, subway or taxis: 


  • Wear a face mask and try to stay at least one meter away from other passengers. 

  • Avoid direct contact with frequently touched objects, such as handrails and stop buttons. 

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. 

  • Carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with more than 60 percent alcohol to use on the go. 

  • Wash hands frequently. 

Sceneries of Xixi National Wetland Park in Hangzhou

Aerial photos taken on April 1, 2020 show some of the amazing sceneries of Xixi National Wetland Park in Hangzhou

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