Don't Delete Your WeChat History! It Will Be Very Useful For...

Our interconnected lives are constantly wired. With the ever-rising popularity and social integration of technologies and applications, including WeChat, Alipay, Weibo, Tik Tok and other platforms, theres media flying all over the place.

Things are said; pictures are taken; videos are made and sent... It all adds up pretty quickly and before you know it, your phones storage is full. Whats the first thing most people think of doing when that happens? Delete their history so they can clear some space. 

And were here to say Dont! 

Because as of May 1, 2020, electronic data will officially admissible evidence in court.

The Supreme Peoples Court of the Peoples Republic of China first brought up this revision on December 26, 2019 based on five categories:

(1) Information released on web pages, blogs, micro-blogs and other network platforms;

(2) The divulgation of information via communication networks such as SMS, e-mails, instant messaging and other forms;

(3) User registration information, identity authentication information, electronic transaction records, communication records, log-in logs and others;

(4) Documents, pictures, audio, video, digital certificates, computer programs and other electronic documents;

(5) Other information case that is stored, processed or transmitted in digital form that can prove the facts of a case.

In what instance would electronic data come in handy as evidence?

Cases of lending someone a sum of money which has not been paid back, or a dispute over the sale of your house, can call upon digital evidence for support.  

Whenever theres an exchange of money, WeChat keeps a record. But be mindful that screenshots of such records will not suffice in court, as original proof of your transaction records shows authenticity. Hence the importance of not deleting your history in anticipation of something bad happening and needing this type of information.

Whenever applicable, you can also use phone call records and other types of communication to back up your claims and the other electronic data previously provided to support your case. Something to be mindful of in our relationship with technology. 

Source: people's daily

Editor: Crystal H