We Move Peoples Lives Around World And That Makes A Difference

Seven Seas Worldwide remains fully operational and is providing an essential service to our customers,especially to those that have no option but to move,store or ship their stuff internationally at this difficult time.

In every country where we operate including Australia, China,New Zealand, the USA and the United Kingdom, transportation, logistics and home deliveries are considered critical to allow the state to continue to function. Obviously this includes moving foods and medicines but some might think that moving personal effects and household items is not critical or essential. I would like to point out we have just spent the last 10 days moving the possessions of thousands of students from their student accommodation in Australia, the EU, the UK and the USA, back home, just read our Facebook page to see how relieved they are that our service was there to assist them. We are moving the possessions of doctors and nurses, researchers and professors our services may not save lives but it certainly allows others to be in position to do so. We do not mean to overstate our importance but do not understate it either, we move peoples lives around world and that makes a difference.

We have set up on the website Latest information on Coronavirus, updated country by country. The link to the page is :


The situation is very fluid with each day providing another challenge so we will now work on keeping you informed of the development and any changes we have to implement. Please be assured we are following government advice in keeping our staff and customers safe and are continually updating our safeguards.

Good luck and stay safe and well. 


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