The Ultimate Healthcare Packages for Women

As a daughter you are bubbly and cuteAs a wife you are strong and lovingAs a mother you always careAs a grand mom you are always thereSo there is just a single word for youThat you are the best in everything to salute youWish you happiness and health
Here is to good health 

  • Gyn. physical examination: to check abdomen, vulva,vagina, cervix, uterus.

  • Vaginal discharge + BV: to diagnose trichomoniasis, fungal vaginitis, etc.

  • Cervical TCT screening: to screen cervicitis, cervical cancer and cervical fibroids.

  • Urine analysis: to check white blood cell inflammation.

  • HPV 23 typing: to rule out cervical cancer and precancerous.


  • Breast ultrasound: to diagnose mammary gland hyperplasia and breast nodule.

  • Trans-vaginal ultrasound: to check uterus, adnexa and ovaries.

  • Colposcopy: to check cervicitis, cervical cancer and cervical fibroids.

Except for the special offer on Cervical Cancer and Breast Cancer Screening Package, you will enjoy a discount on some optional items too( as listed below).

1. Checkup Items


Discount Price: 350 CNY 

Original Price: 500 CNY

PelvicFloorMuscle Checkup

Discount Price: 150 CNY 

Original Price: 300 CNY

TCM Spine Health Checkup

Discount Price: 200 CNY

Original Price: 500 CNY

  • Mammography: to check hyperplasia of mammary glands, mammary adenoma, breast cyst, breast cancer, etc.

  • Pelvicfloormuscle checkup: to check pelvicfloormuscles and give treatment accordingly if necessary.

  • TCM spine health checkup: to check if there are deformed or displaced bones, etc.

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2. Therapy Items

SkinCeuticals Facial Care

Discount Price: 380 CNY 

Original Price: 580 CNY

Cervarix Vaccine(HPV 16/18)

Discount Price: 2,480 CNY

Original Price: 2,680 CNY

  • SkinCeuticals facial care: to moisturize, nurture and whiten your skin, as well as fade spots on your face.

  • Cervarix vaccine (HPV16/18): to reduce the risk of getting cervical cancer (it applies to women at the age of 9-45).

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Make an appointment

Email: [email protected]

Tel.: (8621) 54893781


  1. Offer will be valid from March 3, 2020 to March 31, 2020.

  2. Payments are limited to credit card, cash, WeChat pay and Alipay.
  3. The reports will be ready around 10 working days after checkup because of the large amount of appointments during the special offer period.
  4. Please avoid menstrual period and abstain from sex for 3 days before the checkup.


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