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As a professional teacher with 2 degrees in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language and many years' teaching experience, I' ve seen so many foreign students  like these:

What problems do you meet ?1. Learn mandarin for many years however still with bad pronunciation habits.2. Wanna learn mandarin but somehow give up the halfway.3. Study with an unprofessional teacher results in a low pace and efficiency. 4. What I learned is not useful at all.5. I am just a new beginner, no confidence about master mandarin well.

What is the reason on earth?


Follow unprofessional teachers with no teaching experience, even no certification.


Using out-of-date textbooks & learning materials.


Learning in an unsystematic way.


Lacking persistence, patience, and belief.

Above are some of the reasons, are you familiar with them? Maybe you have met or are suffering from these problems. 

If YES, Please continue reading~


How to make it easy?

If you ask me this question, I may say, you need a professional teacher, you need to follow the right materials, you need to speak to the right person who has good pronunciation and hoe how to help you. But where can you find it? 
What if we just have one with all the requirements mentioned above?"Pocket Chinese+ 7 Days Camp"(These are part of our resources made by professional groups to help our students to learn.)
Characteristic:1. 7 Days of continuous training camp with learning videos, homework, and vast resources.

2. Daily practice after 7 days of camp helps you develop a daily learning habit.

3. Up-dated practical oral sentences cover 30 topics compiled by our professional groups.

4.Daily updated videos with explanations.

5. Join learning communities with guidance, persistence. You are not learning alone.

 If you study a new language, but cannot speak it well, what a pity!!

That's why we set up this program

7 Days  Learning Camp +

Pocket Chinese daily Practice.

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What Will I Gain?

1. Much more standard Chinese. Get rid of your pronunciation errors.

2. Daily learning after 7 days of camp helps you develop a daily learning habit.

3.  Be an expert in daily talks.

5.  Master more words and useful sentences.

No accumulation of single steps, 

can't reach a destination thousand miles away.
No integration of small streams, 

can't result in seas and oceans.


How Can I attend "Pocket Chinese"?

When you read till here, you may wonder, such great learning service, it must charge a lot.

But the good news is

 It's only 10 RMB 

for Camp materials & 

all free for daily practice!

We 're not aiming to earn money but set a learning platform for the mandarin learners in need.

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Learning materials are shared in the mornings. Practice with the video,  then upload your voice message of it. (Input-output-feedback)


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