Jobs Call Center Manager| 10K - 15K RMB per month

Job description

1. Responsible for the daily affairs management of call center. 2. Communicate with HR, finance and other functional departments to solve the problems. 3. Keeping connect between Beijing and Manila call center, timely feedback the status of Manila call center, assist in communication and management. 4. Have the opportunity to be the head of Manila call center in the future and be responsible for all management of Manila call center.


1. Philippine nationality or permanent residency. 2. Have the education background and Diploma of compulsory education or university education in the Philippines. 3. Excellent Chinese and English, can be used as working language. 4. Can receive excellent fresh students, with relevant experience in call center is preferred. 5. After working in Beijing for one year, he was assigned to Philippine branch.

Required Languages

English, Chinese

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