In Pictures: Life and love is different before and after 30.

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21 Comics that depict our perception and expectations for love before and after 30. 

01. How to spend an evening without your love in your 20s and over 30?

In your teens and twenties love is intense. Being separated from your love for an entire evening seems like a true disaster. Where is he going without you, and what is he doing there? Its hard to imagine he is feeling fine, and jealousy can pop up easily if you think of this option. After 30? You are calm about it. In the row of busy weekdays an evening alone seems like a perfect opportunity to give yourself some free time. There is no better excuse for watching a cheesy, romantic movie, or try that monster-coloured face mask you bought last week.

02. Long phone talks vs time- and cost-effective messages: calling your love before and after 30

Remember those long phone talks when you were happy simply to hear his voice for minutes that turned to hours? Well, those are the moments you should cherish in your 20s, because after 30 your busy schedule wont allow them to happen. Those calls usually turn into short, time- and cost-effective messages, less sweet words, more get-to-the-point attitude.

03. Do you want to make him jealous, or do you want to avoid making him jealous? It depends on your age!

Before 30 you tend to think that making him jealous means making him want you more. Whats more, its fun to see him feeling bad about the possibility of losing you. After 30 you are usually mature enough to know that jeaousy is a torturing feeling, and hell be more worried than jealous at the idea of losing you for another man. And thats something youd never do to your love.

04. How to say I love you before and after 30?

Love without sweet love messages? No way, if you are under 30! Those messages, e-mails and words whispered to your ears mean everything! After 30 its more your actions that tell your partner about your love: caring for his lunch or buying his favourite ice-cream speak more than a thousand words

05. How to prepare for a date in your 20s and in your 30s?

Before 30 you spend hours with picking the right outfit, accessories and makeup. And sure, lingerie is a thing to think about carefully! After a certain age you have to deal with the issues of your changing body, but strangely youll feel more confident in your own skin. You try to make the most of your looks, but you also realize that true love doesnt depend on what you wear.

06. Romantic presents in your 20s and in your 30s

Fluffy toys and heart-shaped balloons? Cute when youre young, but later youll tired of storing tons of these romantic objects in your home. You prefer gifts which serve useful purposes when you get mature.

07. Beer from a plastic jug vs. fancy wines

In your 20s nothing is more exciting than a great party with cool beers from plastic jugs. Music, dance, staying up late thats the essence of coolness. After 30 you get to value beautiful sunsets and fancy wines from proper wineglasses. Style gets important!

08. What tempts you before and after 30?

Before 30 your heart beats faster when you see a hot and sexy person. After 30 you fall in love more easily with personalities than with looks.

09. Getting pregnant before and after 30

Before a certain age pregnancy is a threat youd like to prevent. After 30 it is more like something you want more and more, and you tend to feel overjoyed when you succeed.

10. Looks before and after 30

In the first days, weeks or months of a relationship looks are everything. You want to show your best, show up in awesome heels and revealing outfits. After a few years you get to know each other and dont care for looks that much personality and being yourself are more important.

11. Creative rebellion? Thats how you see it before and after 30

In your 20s you tend to fall for creative people, rebels, who fail to fit into the system. After 30 caring for the future and being able to start a family gets more important than being a fun, rebellious person.

12. Perceptions of sex in your 20s and in your 30s

A 20-something young girl has many fears and confidence issues when it comes to sleeping together. After 30 you feel more confident and adventurous even in the bedroom.

13. Is love eternal? Thats how you see it before and after 30

In your 20s you follow the romantic ideals of TV-series and soap operas. After 30 you see that true and long-term love is not made in Hollywood (or Bollywood or South-American film companies), but in real life, in everyday struggles.

14. 10 pm before and after 30

10 pm? The night is young when youre in your 20s. You are just getting ready for a party at that time. After 30 its almost time to go to bed. It wont be easy to get up the next morning if you stay up later than that!

15. Communication with your love in your 20s and in your 30s

Your messages are all about love, romantic gestures and sweetness in your 20s. But its not easy to keep that tone after 30 years of age: practical logistics like shopping lists take up all the time you have.

16. How you see young people when youre in your 20s and in your 30s

Do you think young people are entitled and dont care about manners? Well, that was the thing older people thought of you as well when you were under 30!

17. Weight gain and weight loss before and after 30

Do you remember the times when you ate what you wanted, and never gained a single pound? Well, that was in your 20s. Unfortunately these times are over after 30 you have to mind your food, and the struggle with your weight is neverending after a certain age.

18. People judging you? Thats what you think of them before and after 30

For young people other peoples opinions can be devastating. If your friends are gossiping behind your back, you feel your image is collapsing, and you have no place in society. After 30 you realize that this is nothing to worry about: people who are discontent with their own life try to get some pleasure by judging others. But thats no reason for you to feel bad.

19. Perception of time in your 20's and in your 30's

3-4 a.m is the right time to go home from a party, and 30-somethings are grannies thats how you think about time in your 20s. 11 pm is late night, but 30 is just the start of real life (and 40 is the new 30) thats how you see time in your 30s.

20. Travel before and after 30

A backpack and a tent thats all you need for a travel adventure before 30. But after a certain age you rely more on comfortable hotel rooms and fine restaurants when you are planning a holiday.

21. Friendship in your 20s and in your 30s

In your 20s popularity is everything: hundreds of Facebook friends and loads of likes on your pictures make you feel appreciated. After 30 you realise that those hundreds of people on your Facebook account are just acquaintances. Real friends are those few whom you could rely on in case of trouble. And there arent hundreds of them around!

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