Four Foreigners Denied Entry in Beijing for Violating

Despite stricter quarantine rules in its efforts to curb a second virus outbreak in the country, Beijing is seeing a number of law-breaking individuals who refuse to self-quarantine and, thus, pose a great risk to other citizens and the city as a whole. 

On March 3, regulations were introduced asking people traveling to Beijing from a select list of countries to quarantine themselves at home or to stay at one of the citys designated quarantine centers for 14 days. This was adjusted on March 16 to require anyone entering Beijing to undergo close quarantine observation.

Deeper analyses found that people continued to violate quarantine rules by traveling in and out of virus-hit countries to keep their daigou operations up and running. Therefore, any resident in mainland China who attempts to leave the country within the specified period of self-isolation will be prohibited from leaving the country and face legal consequences, border inspection authorities announced.

In the case of foreign travelers who left China and attempt to re-enter within the same specific period of isolation, Beijing authorities reserve the legal right to refuse entry and send them back to their home country.

So far, four foreign travelers have been suspected of violating Beijings epidemic prevention and control policies and have been sent back to where they came from, unable to enter China.

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Source: Beijing daily

Editor: Crystal H