A Great Way to Budget During Tough Times

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The past two months may have been a real bombshell on the ol bank account, as some CNY travelers spent a few extra weeks in idyllic destinations over the holiday and many have been out of work thanks to the disease outbreak that has rocked the nation (and now the world).

With that being said, it may be time to get your finances in order, after purchasing a lifetime supply of face masks or racking up extra hotel stay charges abroad. One free and easy way to calculate your expenses is with an app befittingly called Expense, which makes spending tracking very intuitive and quick. 

Unlike other personal finance apps, you wont need to spend much time on Expense simply input your purchases into designated categories (food, transportation, clothes, travel, face masks, etc.) throughout the day and thats it.

Screengrab via Apple Store

Youll be able to track your spending habits with a day-by-day line chart, so you know which periods in the month you tend to spend more. We can attest that the app helps people become more cognizant of overspending, and will ideally help you save a little kuai in the future. 

Expense Spending Tracking is available on iOS devices. For Android users, check Pocket Expense with Sync for similar features (VPN required).

[Cover image via Unsplash]

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