US Drug Approved for Clinical Tests to Treat Coronavirus

By Bryan Grogan 

A US-made drug called remdesivir will be used in clinical studies to treat the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in Wuhan. The drug is made by California-based biotechnology firm Gilead Sciences Inc. and is aimed at treating infectious diseases like Ebola and SARS, according to Bloomberg

Up to 270 patients with mild to moderate symptoms are set to take part in the trials in Wuhan, where the highly contagious novel coronavirus first surfaced. Trials will begin on February 3 and end on April 27. According to The Paper, remdesivir is the most promising drug to treat the illness. 

A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine noted that a patient in the US who had contracted the coronavirus saw their condition improve after treatment with remdesivir. The Paper notes that if the drug shows positive improvement in patients in China, it could be fast-tracked for use to treat the infectious illness.

An HIV medicine called Kaletra will also undergo human trials after being recommended by Chinas health regulator, according to The Paper, as cited by Bloomberg

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