No More China Virus: WHO Gives 2019-nCoV Official Name!

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced at a press conference in Geneva a new official name for the deadly novel coronavirus: COVID-19.

"CO" stands for Corona,

"VI" stands for Virus,

"D" stands for Disease,

"19" represents the year the disease was discovered: 2019

WHO Director-General Tedros said the name was chosen to avoid associating the virus with a specific region, animals or individuals and to eliminate discrimination.

"It's important to have a name to prevent people from using other names that are inaccurate or stigmatized," said Tedros. "We wanted a name that didn't allude to any geographic location, animal, person or group.

Many have used names such as Wuhan virus or China virus on social media, which have caused a growing backlash from online communities across the world about the discriminatory association.

What do you make of this new name? 

Source: WHO

Editor: Crystal H

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