JobsOverseas Customer Service Manager|More than 30K RMB /month

Job description

1. Be responsible for docking with the third-party after-sales service provider, and cooperate with the third-party after-sales service provider to build the after-sales management system (including maintenance, training, conversation skills, etc.) to ensure the integrity, effectiveness and smooth flow of the customer service management system; 2. Be responsible for the assessment and supervision of the operation (service quality + Operation Management) of the after-sales system of vivo France. According to the assessment requirements of the service quality of vivo factory, formulate the service quality assessment indicators for the third-party after-sales service suppliers, and supervise the after-sales service suppliers to meet the assessment standards; 3. Regularly update the maintenance guidance and assessment policy of vivo factory, output relevant training to the third-party after-sales service supplier, and supervise its personnel to learn and implement; 4. Adjust, improve and optimize the whole after-sales management system and various processes at any time according to the actual maintenance volume and customer demand. Ensure that the after-sales service system of vivo France can provide fast, convenient and high-quality service experience to the coverage area; 5. Be responsible for the follow-up and handling of major complaints, safety complaints and abnormal feedback. Be responsible for the timely and effective handling of product quality crisis events. For the problems found in most of the products in Vivo factory, respond quickly according to the factory's handling notice and deal with any problems of the machine in time and implement them to ensure the timely and effective handling of the problems; 6. Supervise the work of spare parts (spare parts) warehouse, control and assess the supply of spare parts and return of bad materials to the factory, and ensure the safety of material preparation, timely turnover and reasonable control of dead materials. 7. Be responsible for the management of the third-party outsourcing maintenance charges and reconciliation, and ensure the timely and accurate receipt of maintenance receivables according to the company's financial requirements. 8. Manage and arrange the work of other staff in the after-sales department.


1. Full time bachelor degree or above (including bachelor degree); 2. Have relevant experience in after-sales service of smart phone industry and team management experience; 3. Have strong communication ability and crisis handling ability; 4. Have self driving force, pressure resistance ability, and be able to complete the work in a timely and efficient manner; 5. Have good logical ability, strong data analysis ability, strong verbal expression ability and analytical judgment ability; 6. This part is user-oriented, open-minded, with strong management ability and execution ability; 7. Good English and Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, can be used as working language, French preferred.

Required Languages

French, English, Chinese

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