Foreigner Refuses to Go Home, Instead Stays in Wuhan!

Source: JobTube, Freya W., Josh B.

On February 14, news about an Iranian man named Sina, who gave up the opportunity to evacuate from Wuhan by plane and resolutely stayed at his work place, was released on the internet. He not only decided to stay, but also chose to help the front-line medical staff!

The News

Silently Staying at Work

According to the head of the Wakanda Coffee Shop, on the evening of January 25th, 2020, after a brief meeting, seven staff members, including Sina, unanimously decided to deliver free coffee to the medical staff of two nearby hospitals during the outbreak to support their work.

As early as February 2, he had received a message from his embassy that Iran would send a special plane to pick up citizens in Hubei.

At that time, the epidemic situation was serious, and for most people, leaving Wuhan was the best choice. And also, his colleagues also advised Sina to return home, and they could make coffee together when the outbreak ended. Two days later, it was time for all the Iranian to withdraw. And the staff of the embassy asked Sina to leave again, but he refused without hesitation.

Sina, (Right), Working with Another Barista

Regardless of Risks

During this period of time, Sina makes nearly 100 cups of coffee per day. And after a long days hard work, his clothes were full of disinfectant alcohol, his legs and arms are all numb. Besides, for minimizing the risk, Sina has to live in a rented apartment with his colleagues near the shop. 

However, due to the strict control, they werent allowed to go out every day.

There was no other solution, so they decided to contact the hospital's logistics department and ask the director to issue a certificate for them so that they could stick to their posts.

The Certificate

Translation: The Wakanda coffee team has been producing free fresh coffee for the first-line medical workers of the prevention and treatment of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus in our hospital since January 26th, 2020.- Hubei Provincial Hospital Of TCM

Wuhan Jiayou

As of February 13, the Wakanda team has provided 8000 cups of coffee for the hospital.

The Used-up Raw Material Bottles

Handwritten Blessing Words

Well-made Coffee

Sina Delivered the Coffee to the Medical Staff

"China is my second hometown. After the virus came, we made coffee for the hospital every day. Thanks to the doctors and nurses, and we would write Wuhan Jiayou on every cup. Eventually, we will defeat the virus! Come on, Wuhan! Come on, China! " Sina said.

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