Foreign Student Donates Money Anonymously to Fight Virus!

Source: JobTube, Freya W., Josh B.

On February 9th, news about a foreign student from Africa in Foshan, Guangdong who left two notes and money anonymously to the Public Security Bureau was released by the mainstream media in China. The news showed the spirit of fighting the epidemic without borders.

A Little kindness, Goes a Long Way

According to video surveillance, on the afternoon of February 7th, this foreign student came to the Public Security Bureau and found that the door was closed. After hesitating for a while, he went straight to the guards room.

When the foreign student came to the window, he suddenly took out two folded notes from his pocket and put them on the desk. And then he raised his right hand and said in non-fluent Chinese: zh sh w du zhng gu de y di xn y, w men zi y q (This is my little intention for China, we are together!). Before I asked him what I could do for him, he quickly turned around and left. The guard recalled.

Later, the police found that there were five brand-new 100 Yuan and two notes, which were written in Chinese and English respectively.

The translation of Chinese note: We are together. I am a foreign student. I come from Africa, I have no income for not being allowed to work here, or I would do more. But I think you can use this little money to save some lives. This is my support for the Chinese people's anti-coronavirus struggle. "

English note: "I can't write good Chinese, but I hope you can understand of it. This is my little support to China in war against coronavirus. I love China.

All the Kindness

During this special period, netizens were also moved by the behavior of this foreign student and left messages to thank and bless him.

Translation: Thank you so much! May you have a good life of peace.

Translation: What a great guy!

Translation: Anti-epidemic has no borders. As long as everyone is full of love, I believe we can survive. Come on, China! Come on, WuhanCome on, hot and dry noodlesThe specialty of Wuhan!

Translation: Sincerity for sincerity

Translation: Xiexie! Thank you!

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