Find Out if You've Traveled With a Coronavirus Patient

By Ryan Gandolfo

For anyone who has traveled by plane or train within the last month, you can input your flight or train number to learn whether a passenger infected by the coronavirus was on your trip.

The coronavirus tracker is available on scan the QR code below to access it.

If you see the following message after inputing the information, then no one on your flight or train is reported to having the coronavirus.

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In addition to confirming whether any of your flights or train rides included infected passengers, you can also see which recent flights have had passengers with coronavirus by typing in your city.

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As of February 1, there have been at least 11,847 confirmed cases in China, including 247 patients cured and 259 dead. Around 60% of confirmed cases are in Hubei province, where the novel coronavirus is believed to have originated. The province also accounts for about 96% of the deaths from the virus.

[Cover image via @Gerbera101/Weibo]

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