A Letter to Foreign Friends in China

Dear friends,

Since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus, many local foreign affair bureaus in different provinces have sent out letters to foreign friends to help get through this difficult time.

We at AnyHelper always strive to provide the best help to expats in China, especially during this critical period.

We sent this letter to you as a guide to protect yourself and fight the coronavirus with us.


First, follow official information. English sources such as China Daily, Xinhua, CGTN, People's Daily are official Chinese media outlets. Do not trust information from unnamed/undated sources as rumors are spreading very quickly online. Here's a fact-checker from People's Daily.

For latest outbreak developments in Shanghai, you can check out Shanghai Daily and AnyShanghai, where our team will provide latest info/data/tips regarding the virus on a daily basis. For Korean communities, AnyKorean will also provide daily outbreak info in Korean.



Starting this week, AnyHelper (along with AnyShanghai and AnyKorean) will update you about: live outbreak data, suspension/cancellation of flights from/to China, travel alerts, ways to check if you've travelled with infected passengers, latest measures/regulations on preventing the virus, notices from the National Immigration Administration, etc. Stay tuned to keep yourself away from the virus.


Second, take precautions. Please cooperate with authorities in their prevention and control efforts. Avoid going to crowded places or public gatherings. Wear medical masks (for surgical purposes) if the necessity of going arises. Wash your hands frequently!

Spring Festival now ends on Feb. 3, but most cities in China have extended the break further to Feb. 9. Before returning to work, avoid going to public areas like bars and restaurants. Eat at home and buy groceries from these platforms. Check if youve travelled with infected passengers in the past HERE.


Third, seek timely medical help when needed. Over 100 fever clinics are availble for Shanghai residents and foreigners if you have symptoms of coughs, fever and breathing difficulties. When in doubt, go see a doctor! International/English-speaking hospitals in Shanghai are also available.

Chat online with doctors from JiahuiHealth via their WeChat or contact local governments. Common medications in China can be found HERE. You can order medications online from apps like Ele.me, Meituan, and .


Fourth, stay connected. Send messages to AnyHelper hotline (9 am - 9 pm/365 days/year) if you have any questions (or even if you feel alone at home!) AnyHelper has a team of volunteers that help answer all kinds of questions for expats in China. Over 1 million questions (e.g. visa issues, where to go, translations, apartment renting, headhunting, etc.) in the past have been solved.

For special advice in different fields (psychology, medical consultancy, etc), contact our advisors.

Follow AnyHelper and send your questions now!

We're here 365 days a year from 9 am to 9pm!

As always, if you have any questions regarding your life in China. AnyHelper is always your best problem-solver! Stay safe and remember: wash your hands and wear your masks!


AnyHelper team

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