2019-nCoV: US Citizen Dies, Xiao Tangyuan Was Born... & more

Source: China Daily, People's Daily, CGTN, SCMP, Global Times, Xinhua, iFeng, BBC, CNN, JobTube, Majdi     
Major News 
US Citizen Dies in Wuhan

The U.S. embassy confirmed early Saturday that an American citizen diagnosed with coronavirus died at Jinyintian Hospital in Wuhan, China on February 6. It appears this is the first death of an American citizen from the disease.  

Two people familiar with the matter said the person was a woman who had underlying health conditions.

Xiao Tanyuan, New Baby Born

A 35-year-old woman infected with novel pneumonia (2019-nCoV) gave birth to a healthy baby in east China's Zhejiang Province on Saturday, just in time for the Lantern Festival. The parents named the baby Xiao Tangyuan, the name of a traditional Chinese snack eaten during the festival.

The initial round of medical exams to the blood from the cord, the amniotic fluid, and the placenta, and the subsequent medical check-up show the infant tested negative to the coronavirus.


The Chinese government has announced a temporary name for the illness caused by the coronavirus, ordering the local authorities and state news media to adopt it. In English, it will be called N.C.P., for novel coronavirus pneumonia, the national health commission said on Saturday.

A final, official name will eventually be chosen by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses. The organization has submitted a name to a scientific journal for publication and hopes to reveal it within days, the BBC reported.

Five British Infected in France

Five British people have been diagnosed with coronavirus in France. The victims, one of whom is a child, were staying in the same ski resort chaletFrance, and were infected when one of the group came into contact with someone who had been in Singapore.

The British person who brought the infection back from Singapore arrived in France on January 24 and stayed at the ski resort of Contamines Montjoie for four days. 

They are in a stable condition and being constantly monitored at an unnamed hospital in the eastern Haute-Savoie Alpine region of southeastern France.

Two schools in the French resort were struck down by coronavirus are set to close down temporarily.

The child in the group of infected is thought to have spent some time in local schools, prompting the closure.

American Evacuees Showing Symptoms

Two more evacuees from Wuhan, China, who are quarantined in Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego have been sent to the hospital after developing either a fever or cough, the CDC said Friday. That brings the total number of hospitalized evacuees to seven. 

Japanese Died, But Not Confirmed
Japan's Foreign Ministry said a Japanese man in his 60s being treated in Wuhan also died. It said the patient had been suspected of having the coronavirus, but that it had not been confirmed.
3 New Cases on Diamond Cruise Ship

The Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan reports three new confirmed cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia, taking the total tally to 64 on the ship: Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare confirmed Saturday

Singapore Confirms more, two drivers

Singapore has just confirmed it has been hit by seven more cases of coronavirus.

The news means there are now at least 40 known victims struck down in the island state.

Among the new confirmed cases are a taxi driver and a private hire car driver, say reports.

Singapore Evacuees Flight Land Today

Another flight carrying Singaporeans returns from coronavirus ground-zero will land today (Feb 9).

It follows the evacuation of 92 Singapore nationals from Wuhan Thursday.

Health bosses say they had to leave behind several who had already appeared to have fallen ill with the virus.

The flight carrying scores of medical supplies, diagnostic quits and travellers who may have come into contact with the deadly virus departed earlier today.

The Singapore foreign ministry confirmed arrangements had been made to quarantine returnees.

Cruise Lines Ban Chinese Passengers

Royal Caribbean Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Lines announced Friday they will now ban all travellers with Chinese, Hong Kong, Macau passports, regardless when or whether theyve been in China recently.

Four passengers on Royal Caribbeans Anthem of the Seas ship were sent to a New Jersey hospital Friday morning after 27 travellers on board were screened for coronavirus when the ship docked in Bayonne, New Jersey, just south of New York City.

'They are all scared of me'

"When it was confirmed that I had it, I was shocked. I thought to myself it couldn't be possible. Because for one thing, I had not visited the Huanan Wholesale Seafood Market, and also, I live so far away from it. If I hadn't seen the lab results myself, I would not have believed it."

Mr. Yang, 46, became the first recovery story from the novel coronavirus pneumonia in east China's Zhejiang Province  when he was discharged from Wenzhou No. 6 People's Hospital on January 24. Yet, even though he won the fight against the disease, he now finds himself in another battle: Fighting the stigma attached by his fellow villagers.

"In my village, when people see me it's as if they've seen a monster and they are so scared. I got so many calls asking me to stay home, and that food and necessities would be delivered to my door. This is how it's been for me.

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