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Incubation could reach 24 days

Medical workers in Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University in Wuhan, central China's Hubei Province, January 24, 2020. /Xinhua Photo

The incubation period for people infected with nCoV could reach up to 24 days, states an academic paper published by renowned Chinese respiratory expert Zhong Nanshan. Previously, the longest incubation period was believed to be 14 days.

Meanwhile in Henan, a patient, with no symptoms for 17 days, was diagnosed as an infected patient. 

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Research: Incubation for CoronaVirus Could Read 24 Days

Cleaner of 20 Bullet Trains, Infected

A cleaning worker who had worked on 20 bullet trains, was confirmed infected with the novel coronavirus pneumonia. Authorities released her travel routes and warned potential contacts to stay home for medical observation.

The affected train routes are mainly connecting Xian with Chengdu or Shanghai betweenand for the duration between Jan 21 to Feb 3. The trains affected are: G4324, DJ8861, D1920, D1950, D1911, D1924, D1917, D1928, G1926, D1937, G1942, D2538, E9819G. 

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If you, or someone you know, happened to be on the same train at the same time, you are required to report the situation to the local community or do a self-quarantine for 14 days. 

Wuhan Locks Down all Communities

Central China's Wuhan City decided to implement closed-off management in all residential areas in the city from February 10, according to local authorities. 

The building units where the people with novel coronavirus pneumonia are diagnosed or suspected will be under strict closed-off management.

"force majeure" for Companies 

The coronavirus epidemic constitutes a "force majeure" and companies that cannot fulfill their contractual obligations due to such circumstances can be exempted from partial or full liability, except as otherwise required by the law: China's top legislature

27 Foreigners Infected, 2 Dead

As of Monday morning, 27 foreigners in China were diagnosed with the 2019-nCoV with 2 deaths. 3 patients have been discharged from hospital after recovery: Chinese FM

Vaccine Animal Testing in April

Coronavirus vaccine developed by Chinese scientists has been tested on animals. The clinical trial is likely to be launched in April. 

Diamong Princess Cruise 

At least 60 more confirmed cases of novel coronavirus infection were reported on quarantined Diamond Princess cruise in Japan, taking the total number to 130

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The remaining 3,400 passengers and crew members to stay on board for 14 days for further inspections.

6,000 More Medics Arrive to Wuhan

Nearly 6,000 medical personnel from dozens of provinces arrived in C Chinas Wuhan on Sunday in 41 flights, marking the maximum number of medics to arrive in the frontline in a single day since the outbreak.

From Jan 24 to Feb 9, 27,000 people, including 17,000 medical personnel, and 3,008 tons of materials have been delivered to Hubei via Wuhan airport to aid the province in its combat against the novel coronavirus epidemic.

Foreign Student, Sensational News

Chinese media reported a foreign student, in Guangdong, who went to a community police station, offered a letter with 500 Yuan, and said: 

"I am a foreign student. I come from Africa. I don't have the income of foreign students here, because it's not allowed to work, otherwise I would have given more...." 

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Cities On Lock Down

In Wenzhou, each household has been allowed to designate one person to go out to buy household supplies every two days since Feb 2, It was the first city in China to adopt such restrictions.

Wenzhou has witnessed a decrease in the number of new cases of novel coronavirus infection since adopting the measures, down from 50 to around 10 a day.

In Zhoushan, a community compound has been on lockdown since late January, each household can post a list in the community WeChat group and their food will be delivered to their door once every three days.

In Tianjin, the authorities announced the comprehensive closure of local residential communities late on Thursday.

At least 20 provinces or cities in China had adopted similar management measures in their communities by Friday.

Tangshan, Hebei province, announced on Thursday it was implementing 10 measures to intensify control of the virus' spread, including stricter management of the entry and exit of vehicles and individuals in living and working areas.

The authorities in Bazhong, a city in Sichuan province, said in a notice issued on Thursday that every village, residential community and workplace had been asked to deploy more than two staff members to guard their entrances and exits, with all nonresidents and their vehicles denied entry.

Patients concealing information, risk jail or death sentence

In Xingtai, Hebei province, a 64-year-old woman concealed the fact that she had been to Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, even after she felt unwell and was hospitalized. As a result, not only did she fail to receive the required treatment and died, but 77 people who had come in contact with herincluding medical staff who were treating herhad to be isolated.

Concealing personal contact and travel history or sickness greatly undermines efforts to treat or contain the virus, apart from endangering public health. The Supreme People's Court and Supreme People's Procuratorate have interpreted the law to say those who conceal such information are guilty of endangering public security and could be jailed for life or even sentenced to death.

Airlines Update

Cancellations, Suspension and Resumptions during the Novel CoronaVirus

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