2 More Super Useful WeChat Features You Need to Know About!

While WeChat is undoubtedly amazing in terms of how it helps us do pretty much virtually anything, its plethora of features can sometimes leave us a little overwhelmed and scratching our heads about.

Today, we would like to shed some light on a few features that we think are worth knowing about. 

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Sharing long videos on your Moments

It can be heartbreaking when you realize that the new, awesome video you just shot and want to share with your friends can only make it on your Moments if you cut it down to 15 seconds.

Luckily for you, we found a workaround:

Open WeChat [I] - [favorites] - [upper right corner + ] - [add long video in the notes] - [press ... in upper right corner] - [select and share on your Moments].

Thats it!


Collecting peoples information with Group Notes

Lets say youre setting up an event or a group purchase list and want to collect peoples information. Heres a quick trick to help you save tons of time without having to copy-paste everyones individual information.

Go into whichever WeChat group you want to collect peoples information from, and copy-paste the following entry into your message box (DO NOT SEND IT):

A pop-up message will appear with the message Collecting information? 

Tap Group Note and start filling out whichever type of information youre looking to collect.

Then group members can use # to write down their own info without your having to collect it individually, one by one.

Easy peasy! 

Do you know any other WeChat tricks? 

Share them in the comments below, and let your friends know about these ones by sending them this article!

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