Top 36 Tourists Destinations in China for 2020!

Source: JobTube, Arianna J. Freya W.,, Josh B.

Happy New Year!

Whats your new year resolution? Have you got a travel plan for 2020? Here we have made a selection of the most representative 36 tourist destinations for all 12 months. Lets take a look!


Mohe, Heilongjiang

Mohe is in the northernmost part of China. Here, you can experience the coldest winter in China and witness how water turns into ice in seconds, as well as the aurora!

Harbin, Heilongjiang

In addition to the breathtaking scene of Sofia Cathedral in snow and the largest ice sculpture exhibition in China, a walk in the central street while tasting a Modern ice lolly will redefine the joy of winter!

Arxan, Inner Mongolia

Snow plain, forest sea and the never frozen river are three wonders in Arxan.


Dali, Yunnan

In Dali, the pink winter cherry blooming in the tea garden of Wuliang Mountain are whispering Look, its spring already!

Xiamen, Fujian

Kulangsu, China's 52nd World Heritage Project in Xiamen. The architecture, the sunshine beach, and the unique slow life are all worth of coming.

Haikou, Hainan 

Ride through the old arcade buildings to the sunny beach, and then watch the tranquil sunset, what a nice route!


Linzhi, Tibet

In this season, there is no ice or snow, nor dryness, only peach blossom blooming under the snow mountain in Linzhi.

Xingyi, Guizhou

Thousands of mu (1 mu=0.0667 hectares) of flowers are blooming in Xingyi. The Diaojiao houses in the wisps of smoke are covered with tall and green yellow trees... The countryside here is amazingly beautiful.

Ili, Xinjiang

If you plan to visit Xinjiang in spring, dont miss Ili, as it is called a heaven on earth!


Xiapu, Fujian

In Xiapu, there are not only the most beautiful beaches in Asia, but also the dreamiest water gardens. Fishing rafts, fishing nets, dream-alike, ever-changing!

Lugu LakeYunnan

Lugu Lake is a mysterious place. When sitting on a boat above the blue waves, you will find yourself instantly integrated with the deep and picturesque blue!

Ancient Town of Fenghuang, Hunan

Qingshiban street and Diaojiao buildings by Tuojiang River in Fenghuang ancient town, as well as the authentic Miao customs, constitute a unique scene of Western Hunan.


Qishui, Hunan

Famous for its scenery and abundance in cuisine, the place is worth visiting, especially in May, when the clouds and fog here are breathtaking.

Sayram Lake, Xinjiang

Known as "the last tear of the Atlantic Ocean", it is popular among photographers for its vast grassland, blue lake, and flocks of cattle and sheep.

Dongchuan, Yunnan

Dongchuan is bordered with rich red soil, and often described as The palette left by God.


Caka Salt Lake, Qinghai

Chaka Salt Lake called Clear sky mirror, the water reflects the sky, and the sky falls onto the ground.

Southern Sichuan Bamboo Sea

Literally one of best places for summer vacation, with more than 70000 mu of green bamboos and a vegetation coverage rate of 87%. During the days in June, the temperature here is 20 - 26 , cool!

Chengdu, Sichuan

Kuanzhai alley, Wuhou Temple, hotpot and chuanchuan Come on, its Chengdu!


Libo, Guizhou

It is known as The Emerald on the belt of the earth, once listed in Chinese National Geography, was also rated as "one of the 30 most beautiful scenic spots in China".

Menyuan, Qinghai

In July in Qinghai, Menyuan is a flower ocean on land.

Yangshuo, Guangxi

The rainy season is over. Here, the mountains and waters are beautiful, and the ancient town is even more beautiful! Don't miss the sunset of Lijiang River!


Pu zhe hei, Yunnan

Midsummer here is a season of lotuses. Imagine that 20000 mu of lotuses are on the water, and you are traveling in a boat among them.

Enshi, Hubei

The grottoes and caves, as well as the unique Tujia stilted buildings, are unique scenery here.

Qinghai Lake

August id the best timing to visit Qinghai Lake. Sunny days, clear lake.


Bashang Grassland, Hebei

A scared place for photographers. A shooting scene of the TV series "Princess of Pearl".

Wulan Butong Grassland, Inner Mongolia

The leaves of all kinds of trees have turned golden since September, and it becomes an oil painting without a frame.

Kenting, Taiwan

Imagine you are standing by the sea, and the wind of the Pacific Ocean is caressing your face then take a ride around the island, how nice!


Hemu village, Xinjiang

Red leaves, Kanas Lake and cattle, simply nature beauty!

Ejina, Inner Mongolia

Many travelers believe that China's most beautiful autumn is in here, among the 390000 mu of Populus euphratica forest. It is a pity that such a scenery only lasts for only one month each year.

Huangling Scenic AreaJiangxi

The villagers have a tradition to hang crops in the fronts and backs of their house, the windowsills and roof frames, forming a unique "Sun autumn" landscape.


Tachuan, Anhui

The leaves in the trees of the mountain turn from yellow to red, just like a tense ink painting.

Daocheng Yading, Sichuan

Autumn is the most colorful season here. There are many layers of shrubbery and forests, where are full of colors!

Shennongjia, Hubei

In November, the clouds here gather and disperse as if it is a magic make by fairies.

Nian Hu, Yunnan

Nian Hu is a peaceful place, a paradise for photographers. It is so quiet and relaxing, with only a few migratory birds flying over from time to time.

Changbai Mountain, Jilin

All hills and woods are covered in snow, it is purely white here, tranquil, cool and refreshing.

When it snows in Beijing, the white snow falls on the red palace walls of the Forbidden City, it is literally one-of-the-kind beauty.

Are you ready for the brand new 2020? Lets hit the road!