The 10 Best Nightlife Events in Shanghai This Weekend

That's Shanghai takes a look at the best nightlife events on this weekend...

Jan 10: Genome: Cecilia [Live] / Daniel Ness

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CECILIA is the dissociative metamorphosis of multidisciplinary artist Melissa Gagne, whose practice spans music, video, installation, performance and theater. She recently collaborated on two songs on Les Fleurs du Mal, the latest album from Halcyon Veil founder Rabit. Her musical output under previous DJ/producer alias Babi Audi includes harrowing electronic releases Club Dead LTD (Hoss Records, 2015) and Mommy Dust (self-released, 2015) as well as the visual concept mix 6 Page Letter (DIS magazine, 2016). 

Jan 10, 10pm; RMB80 presale, RMB100 door. ALL, 2/F, 17 Xiangyang Bei Lu, by Changle Lu 172, .

Jan 10: Hologram Dreams + Anime Screening

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Shanghai's monthly night for Italo disco, synth pop, raw house trax, city pop, and cybernetic sounds returns to Elevator for a dance party and double-feature anime screening. From 10pm, Heatwolves, Jianz, and Megaforce blend classics, brand new sounds, and unknown pleasures with rare anime visuals dripping from the walls. Before the party, there's a dual-subtitled anime screening with free pizza from 8.30pm. This month's films are the surreal sci-fi anthology Neo-Tokyo (1987) and Ota-ku No Video (1991), the hilarious, half-animated / half live-action Gainax mockumentary about otaku culture in the '80s. Dress code: 640x480 vs 1080p.

Jan 10, 8.30pm; RMB50 before 11pm and RMB80 after. Elevator, B1, No. 265 Nandandong Lu, by Caoxi Bei Lu 265, .

Jan 10: Popasuda: Salute to Dada and Farewell

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After almost a decade of throwing stellar parties at Dada Shanghai, the city's iconic venue is set to close. It's truly heartbreaking. Out of respect and salute, Popasuda gears up for one last party at Dada, going all out bringing four million percent vibes. Skinny Brown hits the decks for an epic eight hour set with global sounds. Get ready for Popasuda's final party at Dada Shanghai. It will be a big one.

Jan 10, 10pm; no cover. Dada, 115 Xingfu Lu, by Fahuazhen Lu 115, .

Jan 11: Antigen: Varg2

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Rising to prominence following releases on Danish experimental label Posh Isolation, as well as Swedish label Northern Electronics, Varg2 music has been described as chaotic, ornate and fearless. He'll be joined on the night by local producers Laughing Ears, Hymn and Ikke, with an installation by Jialiang. 

Jan 11, 10pm; RMB50 before 11pm, RMB80 after. Elevator, B1, No. 265 Nandandong Lu, by Caoxi Bei Lu 265, .

Jan 11: Antidote pres. WaqWaq Kingdom & White+ (Live Set)

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WaqWaq Kingdom is made up of Kiki (King Midas Sound / Ninja Tune) and Shige (aka Scotch Egg and from SeeFeel / Warp Records).  They also release on Jahtari Records. Both are originally from Japan, lived in the UK for over a decade, and are now based in Leipzig and Berlin. Elsewhere, the moniker 'White' first appeared several years ago during the No Beijing movement, when Shouwang, frontman for the popular group Carsick Cars, formed the guitar sextet White Ensemble for a performance at the China avant-garde music festival Sally Cant Dance. 

Jan 11, 9pm; RMB100 before 11pm, RMB120 after. Dada, 115 Xingfu Lu, by Fahuazhen Lu 115, .

Jan 11: C.I.A. pres Agents Of Time

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Agents Of Time is Andrea Di Ceglie, Fedele Ladisa and Luigi Tutolo, a revered three-man live act, they are DJs and founders of the Obscura record label. Since starting their journey together as Agents Of Time, the trio have combined their talents and shared influences to become an in-demand dance act all over the globe, releasing on a number of leading labels along the way. 

Jan 11, 10pm; RMB250 door (incl. 1 drink). Celia, 298 Xingfu Lu, by Pingwu Lu 298, .

Jan 11: Les Twins

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Acclaimed dancing duo Les Twins is headed to Shanghai this Saturday and you can grab your tickets on thMart right now. The identical twin brothers Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois can basically do it all... dancing, choreography, modeling, and even creating their very own brand Eleven Paris.

Jan 11, 9pm; RMB260-760. Arkham, B/1, Fou-nd 158, 158 Julu Lu, by Ruijin Er Lu B/1, 158, .

Jan 11: Yuyintang 15th Anniversary After Party

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Yuyintang, one of Shanghai's favorite live music venues just celebrated their 15th birthday last month, with a grand total of more than 5,000 live music events in the bag. They'll play a whole night of Shanghai rock, new, old, covers, original music, with appearances by musicians and bands that have taken to the stage at Yuyintang over the past 15 years.

Jan 11, 10pm; no cover. Specters, 753 Yuyuan Lu, by Zhenning Lu 753, .

Jan 11: 44KW Pres. Andy Stott

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As if you didn't have enough choice on Saturday night already, renowned Manchester producer Andy Stott is bringing his damaged club sounds to 44KW this weekend. After six albums on Manchester label Modern Love, Stott has become one of the most electrifying and intriguing producers on the planet. 

Jan 11, 9.30pm; RMB120 presale, RMB150 door. 44KW, B1/F, 158 Julu Lu, by Ruijin Yi Lu 158B1, .

Jan 11: Cotton Club Blues Night

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After 19 years and 5000 shows, the venerable institution of blues, Shanghai's world-famous Cotton Club shut its doors on March 25, 2017.  As one of our favorite bands and venues in Shanghai, we are proud to welcome the whole team for two nights of Blues bliss at The Pearl. The Royal Hombres has been a fixture on the Shanghai music scene from the beginning of time. They held court at the Cotton Club for nineteen years and their music reflects an electric mix of blues, jazz and funk. The band, led by inimitable Blues legend, Greg Smith with Jorland Paulino on bass, Francesco Perre on drums, Yiko on vocals and Matt Cadillac Cooper on guitar and vocals.

Jan 11, 9pm; RMB120 presale. The Pearl, 471 Zhapu Lu, by Wujin Lu 471, .

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