JobsTraining Project Team Lead| 15K - 20K RMB per month

Job description

This role is mainly for leading the team to support the consultants to deliver training, assessment, facilitation and other projects; Plan and promote the preparation within the company to ensure the quality service for the customers. 1. Make work plans to support the consultants and ensure the high-quality training/assessment/facilitation delivery, reasonably allocate resources and divide the work for each project 2. In charge of project progress management, supervise the execution, tracking and project communication 3. Responsible for project coordination and implementation, solving problems to ensure the smooth progress of the project 4. Conduct daily project management and maintain project documents 5. Responsible for collecting customer feedback and sorting out data for analysis 6. Responsible for personnel recruitment, performance management, onboarding and leaving clearance, and various internal management processes


1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 4 years of working experience, including 2 years of training process management experience; Project management or coordination experience is preferred; 2. Able to work in a Chinese-English working environment with strong oral, written and translation skills; 3. Good communication and coordination skills, logical thinking ability, strong initiative; 4. Good time management, organizational skills and problem solving skills; 5. Willing to take challenging work, strong ability to work independently and work under pressure; 6. Familiar with office software.

Required Languages

English, Chinese

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