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Source: JobTube, Arianna J., Josh B., Freya W.

According to eastday.com, on December 16th, a real estate college in Chongqing launched a campaign called "Take one foreign student home to celebrate the Spring Festival", which was posted on Weibo by a netizen and caused controversy.

The notice

What & Why

According to the notice issued on 16th December 2019, there were 40 international students from South Africa, India and Nepal in the college who would not be able to return home during the winter vacation. Thus, the school called on the teachers and students to take one of them home to celebrate the Spring Festival considering the food and safety issues of the foreign students.

Per the school, this one-on-one be-my-guest campaign was also an opportunity for culture exchange as the foreign students would be able to experience the traditional Chinese culture and the hospitality of their Chinese teachers and classmates, and the Chinese could improve their English as the foreign students were capable of speaking English.

Afterwards, the news staff tried multiple times to reach to the campaigners of the activity for more details but all in vain.

All Shades of Opinion

Although the follow-up of the issue remained unclear, the debates among netizens attitudes were quite tense. Here are some voices:

Netizen A:

Translation: Two of my Pakistani friends spend their Spring Festival at a friend's in Wuhan every year, and they mastered how to make dumplings. After the Nepal earthquake, together we raised donation. Any problem with that? "

Netizen B:

Translation: We can't repudiate the normal communication between Chinese and foreign students just because of some negative news in the past. It is a good thing to make the foreign students to feel humanistic care and learn about Chinese culture on the premise it is out of their free will.

Netizen C:

Translation: While studying abroad, quite a few Chinese students often go to their classmates' places for Christmas, which is the same thing to this. Its normal.

Netizen D:

Translation: The school should not have organized such an irrelevant thing to teaching, as it is hard to guarantee the safety.

Netizen E:

Translation: It's a good idea, but it's no good to take an outsider home during the festival.

Netizen F:

Translation: Not all these foreign students are from traditional English-speaking countries, so from the perspective of English learning, it may not be helpful.

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