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1China's booming civil aviation industry saw its annual revenue reach 1.06 trillion yuan (about $154.27 billion) in 2019, according to the civil aviation authorities.


Rapeseed dreg options started trading on the Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange (ZCE) in Central China's Henan province Thursday. "The newly-launched options will form an effective linkage with the existing rapeseed oil and rapeseed dreg futures, which will improve the risk management system of China's oil-bearing crops industry," said Xiong Wei, chief supervisor of the ZCE.



China's postal industry registered steady growth in 2019 driven by the country's express delivery sector, official data showed. The postal industry saw business revenue rise 22 percent year on year to reach 964.25 billion yuan (about $140 billion) last year, according to the State Post Bureau (SPB).


With the Year of the Rat just round the corner, internet-related companies are vying with each other to find strategies that can keep the multitudes of smartphone users in China engrossed.


Beijing's Haidian District, home to the capital's high tech hub Zhongguancun Science Park, is striving to build a livable community featuring high quality of life while maintaining a steady growth momentum as the capital's sci-tech powerhouse.


A total of 14 provincial level regions in China have had their research and development expenditure exceed 50 billion yuan ($7.14 billion) as of 2018, according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics.


Shanghai will achieve citywide 5G coverage within this year and become a broadband city with both wired and wireless gigabit networks, Shanghai Ying Yong mayor said on Wednesday.


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