Visitors Are Encouraged to Smell Giant Panda's Poo...

Recently, the giant panda hall at Wuhan Zoo put giant panda feces on display in the science gallery, and advised visitors to take a sniff.

It received widespread attention and curiosity.

Why the zoo launched this science project?

The staff at the zoo explained that the fresh feces have a kind of bamboo fragrance as pandas survive on the plant. However, it is tough to describe the smell for those who haven't been near pandas before, so the zoo launched the project to give visitors a direct understanding of the scent. The science project has become a hit with tourists, and a huge number of people come to the zoo to take a whiff.

panda can only absorb and utilize a small amount of nutrients from the bamboo leaves and shoots, so it must eat more often, meaning it also has to poop more. A healthy adult giant panda needs to eat more than 20 kilograms of fresh bamboo leaves and shoots and other food a day, and poops more than 10 times a day, forming 9-10 kilograms of excrement.

Giant panda poo contains the bamboo fiber that the animal could not digest and a minimal amount of protein. The fresh feces of a healthy giant panda has a unique bamboo fragrance.

According to information that giant panda feces are a natural raw material and non-hazardous to humans, some domestic companies have developed the use of giant panda feces to produce napkins.

Source: people's daily

Editor: Crystal Huang


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