Video of 7-Time Groomsman Finally Getting Married Goes Viral

A wedding is undoubtedly one of the most important moments in someones life; a moment of pure love and happiness that many of us hope to get to someday.

Its not uncommon to see people cry at weddings, and this groom took it to a whole new level, bawling his eyes out for finally getting married.

As soon as his video hit the Internet, Weibo turned it into one of the most viral topics online under the search 7-time groomsman cries at his wedding.

The 30-year-old Chinese man from Fuyang, Anhui province is seen weeping uncontrollably while giving his speech: 

"I can't hold it in anymore. It's so hard to get married. I've been best man seven times and now its finally my turn. I'm extremely happy! I love her so much. She's so nice to me, and my mother-in-law is wonderful! She cooks every meal as if it were Chinese New Year, and theyre all so delicious. I feel blessed. Truly blessed

His lovely bride passed over tissue to wipe away her husbands tears as she listened to his speech with a smile. Everyone else attending their wedding ceremony was also amused by this dramatic scene

The groom said he and his bride had been dating for exactly 600 days, from March 6, 2018, to October 27, 2019.

He yelled Im finally married!!! into the microphone and the crowd went wild.

His bride replied: "All I want to say is that no matter how tired, exhausted or annoyed you can get from your day, know that I'll always be waiting for you at home.


The crowd reacted with joy. Whenever he cried, they would just laugh.

Did you cry at your wedding? 

Or while attending one of your relatives or friends weddings? 

Source: Weibo

Editor: Crystal Huang


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