This Province in China Now Offers Perks for Foreign Talents!

Source: Emigrate

Chinas Hainan island province is now proving popular with talented expats from scores of world countries.

A release from the islands Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs has revealed work permits have been given to no fewer than 1,507 talented expat professionals hailing from over 80 countries worldwide. The majority arrived from the USA, Canada, Russia, South Korea and the UK and are working in various sectors such as education, business services, tourism and transportation. Over 80 per cent of the new arrivals are holders of university degrees at bachelors or higher levels.

According to the report, the expats are now injecting a high level of vitality into Hainans development as a business hub, especially in research and education as well as corporate management and the technical and professional elements of their new jobs.

The numbers are the result of a determination to attract more expatriate professionals to the island, and involve a new global talent recruitment system working to international standards and creating preferential polices as regards personal income tax and other perks.

Hainans provincial government is creating a pilot-free trade zone and port, an initiative which is attracting a good number of foreigners, many of whom are looking to apply for permanent residence in the province. To make this easier for new arrivals, the local government is looking into establishing immigration service centres in districts with a large number of foreign residents. In addition, starting a business on the South China island is to be made easier in order to attract expat tech and other specialist entrepreneurs. Those working in research and development will be especially welcome.