Hilarious Things Chinese People Bought Online!

Online shopping can be quite troublesome as you never really know if what youre buying is the right size for you or not. For some, it works out fine - for others, theyll just end up returning it and requesting a different size. 

But what if what you get isnt a problem of size

And it looks completely different from what you thought youd get.

The annual double 11 which is the largest shopping day for Chinese people is coming! This is the day where hundreds of millions of happy online shoppers take advantage of huge discounts to buy tons of products and clothing items. 

Whats in your shopping cart?

Let's have a look at some of the hilarious products netizens got before.

I feel dizzy...

Who wants to play the cute sheep machine in front of my house?

My new headset

This is a coffee cup, why do I always feel like drinking mud?

This is a kettle, not a helmet.


Six nuclear bombs?!

It's a  charger...

I bought a pair of shoes for my dog.

My dog kept chasing on me after I got this pair of socks.

I just want to buy a bowl fit for instant noodles... 

But this size? Thanks.

Nice. I can't open my eyes when I'm drinking! 

Every time I sleep with this eye patch I feel like I'm wearing a bra

Editor: Crystal Huang


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