Group of Elders Seen Inside a Giant Plastic Bag Because...

This winter hasnt been easy for northeastern China, but that hasnt deterred citizens from having fun, regardless of the temperature levels!

Four grandpas and grandmas were recently seen on the side of the road in Tieling, a large metropolitan city in Liaoning province, inside their own plastic shed... playing poker! How genius!

They look pretty cozy and warm inside.

Some netizens praised the creativity of this group of elders:

Nothing will get in the way of their playing poker!

While getting together socially to play card games and talk about our lives is a healthy habit, make sure not to do it for too long outside when temperature levels are reaching freezing levels!

How do you feel about the cold weather? 

Would you venture outside and play a game on the same spot despite the freezing cold?

Editor: Crystal H

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