Vacation Mode vs. Staying Home: Which One Are You?

Hi folks! 

Today is October 3rd, which marks the third day of our National Day holiday!

How are you spending your time away? 

Do the following images accurately depict your holiday?

Its hard to find someone who doesnt like traveling these days

Such travel experiences can be educational and memorable. Nothing beats the excitement of visiting new places and learning about other cultures, but sometimes reality comes knocking hard and shows you how far it can be from what you had initially expected.

Like this:

Traffic jams for HOURS.

People, people, people lots of people.

Expectation vs. Reality

But while many are getting crammed into crowds of oblivious tourists, others enjoy their holiday from the comfort of their home, like me!

I love my bed and not having to set an alarm to go to work I could get used to this!

Do you recognize yourself in any of them? 

How to lazy-watch TV series on your couch

Hungry? Grab some snacks with the minimal amount of efforts necessary.

Eating, eating, eating...

Go drink a cup of coffee downstairs. 

Read a book to continue learning and improving yourself.

Dance, dance, dance!

You can also do play games on your phone.

Chat with friends.

Pplay more games...

Clean your house.

Hahaha is this how youre reading this article too?

Are you more leaning toward the healthy side of life with outdoor activities and exercises every day?

Or like me:

Work, work, work. 

What are you up to this week?

Let us know in the comment section below and have a great rest of your holiday!

Editor: Crystal Huang


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