Living in China 3/3 open for registration


Dear Students,


In order to create an inspiring environment of promoting international students engagement in UNNC, a joint project supported by seven departments, called Living in China, is established this semester. It aims to centralize resources, streamline services and provide acomprehensive framework of co-curricular programs for international students during your journey in the University.



By participatingin this program, you can

 Promote your learning Mandarin and local cultures

 Enhance your full experience of being students in China

 Get certificate and prize if you meet the requirements



Below seven departments join together to provide a holistic program containing six modules, which bears 120 points for each academic year. Please see module of this semester below:


*GEO: Global Engagement Office 

  SSO: Safety and Security Office

  ACDO: Admission and Career Development Office 

  DCL: Department of Campus Life


Students who obtain 70 points or more out of 120 in total will be qualified for a certificate at the end of each academic year. Those scoring top 5% annually will be awarded prizesor scholarships for excellence.


Recent activities

(3/3 open for registration)

If you are interested, please sign up following activities. 

(If you have any queries about this project please contact [email protected] )


Cultural Diversity in Traditional China

[Teaching and Research Chinese Culture Office]

Content: The lecture introduces the basics of Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism and Chinese folk religion. Using perspectives from comparative study of religion, the lecture demonstrates how diversified their doctrines are and outlines their harmonious development throughout Chinese history.

Form: Lecture

Date &Time: 23 Oct, 14:00-15:00

Venue: DB-A06

Seat: 25

Points: 5

Deadline for application: 22 October

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Us-China Trade War and the Implications of China's Econonmics Dynamics

[Nottingham Confucius Institute China Ningbo Branch]

Form: Lecture

Speaker: Professor Shujie Yao

Date&Time: 30 Oct, 3:00-4:00pm

Deadlinefor application: No

Venue: 330 Teaching Building

Seat: 40

Points: 5

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Ningbobang Museum and cultural workshops


Content: Ningbobang Museum showcases the historical development of Ningbo merchants and entrepreneurs. Now it has become a cultural symbol and inheritance of Ningbo. After visiting the museum, we will also go to Zhengs village for lunch. Experts of Chinese and local cultures will be invited for a sharing session after lunch, which students could experience some authentic cultural activities such as farmers painting, hand-made rice candy and dragon dance. Transportation will be provided as well.

Activity: Excursion

Date &Time: 9 Nov, full day, Departure: 9am, arrival: 4pm

Location: Zhenhai District

Places available: 20

Points: 5

Deadline of application: 4 Nov

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Chinese cuisine

[Nottingham Confucius Institute  China Ningbo Branch]

Content: Learn to cook Chinese Cuisine

Date &Time: 23 Nov,10:00-12:00

Venue: UNNC Resturant (No.2 Canteen)

Seat: 20

Points: 5

Deadline for application: 21 November

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Living in China Team