Chinese Motorbike Driver Tears off Woman's Clothes Due to 4 Yuan


A woman in China had her clothes ripped off by a private-hire motorcycle rider after she gave him RMB4 (80 cents) short of the total payment.

According to Fei Dian Shi Pin, the incident reportedly took place last Saturday night, Oct. 19, at Zhuhai city in Guangdong province.

In a video of the incident, a man could be seen scuffling with a woman who appears to be entirely naked save for a flesh-coloured bottom undergarment.

The man can be seen holding on to the woman tightly and grabbing her from behind the back as passers-by look on.

Clothes torn off as woman tried to leave

According to Channel 8 News, the woman had sprayed the driver in the face after failing to make the full payment.

It is unknown what the spray consists of.

The driver then held onto the woman to prevent her from leaving.

Staff from the shops nearby who witnessed the incident reportedly told local media that the womans clothes were only torn off as she tried to escape, and that the driver did not tear her clothes off intentionally.

The incident is currently being investigated by the authorities.

You can watch the video of the scuffle here:

Chinese netizens react

Most netizens felt that the rider should not have fought with the woman and tore her clothes off in the process, even though she was in the wrong for not paying the full price of her ride.

How can paying RMB4 less be the same as ripping someone elses clothes off in public?

He could have just called the police if she paid less than she was supposed to. Why is there a need to rip her clothes off. He could have been right at first, but now he has become unreasonable.

But not all felt the same way. Some blamed the passenger for the incident, saying she should have paid the driver what he deserved.

That was shameful, big time. Women nowadays.

Why pay the driver less? What if his entire family depends on his earnings from these ride-sharing gigs?