JobsInternational Trade Manager| More than 30KRMB per month

1. Set up US sub-company,responsible for the team build,office rent,warehouse setting up and etc. 2. Developing objectives and strategic distribution of the headquarter, engage and drive development efforts in growth of strategy and business development for the US sub-company 3 Develop channel marketing strategy, gather input from operation team and channel partners to support marketing decision making. 4. Evaluate branding and strategic partnership opportunities, performing a broad range of quantitative and qualitative analyses; 5. Drive marketing effectiveness to ensure the greatest balance on both team efforts and financial spend, while managing budget projections and expenses; 6. Enhance and maintain the organizational culture and brand image by providing internal cultural training and external brand promotion. 7. Collect local marketing and products information and work together with R&D team to make special products for US market. 8. Work close with our US distributors to give them full support and developing sub-company business.


Must be Americans, Canadians or Thai people

Required Languages


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Jobs Translator| 10K - 15K RMB per month