Important Notes of Collection and Delivery During COVID-19

General support, guidance and advice about our services.

How will COVID-19 affect my collection and delivery?

During this extraordinary and on-going situation with Coronavirus (Covid-19), we are working to safeguard the health of both you, our customer, and our staff as much as is possible.

We have instructed our drivers to stay at least 2 paces away from you during the process of delivery or collection. All deliver and collection activities will now be completed outside at kerbside. This is a change from our normal procedure, now our driver should remain outside and not to proceed beyond the front door. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Signatures are no longer be required, instead our driver will write either your full name or the full name of the person who is present in the signature box.

Photos - These will now be our proof of delivery/collection, however, in respect of your privacy our drivers are instructed not to photograph you, or a member of your family, instead:

  • Deliver Empty - A photo of the pack of empty boxes at the delivery address clearly showing the front door or in the case of a reception the front of the building.

  • Collect Full A photo of any items not in Seven Seas Worldwide boxes

  • Deliver Full - A photo of ALL the items being returned to your address whether as a whole or using several pictures.

  • MoveCube, during loading, photos as the MoveCube is filled 25%, 50%, 75% and once fully loaded.

  • MoveCube, during unloading, photo of the MoveCube when it is first opened to unload

Collection Receipts - can still be issued to you wish, otherwise they are to be completed and uploaded with the collection note.

Can you guarantee no hidden charges?

We will guarantee you that there are no hidden charges and, if any charges do arise other than those on our quote, then we will refund you the value of that charge. The only exceptions to this guarantee are when charges arise for:

corrective actions that are needed to your shipment, for example, your shipment contains a Prohibited item that must be removed, your shipment contains items that Quarantine agency at the destination demands that are cleaned, irradiated or disposed of by deep burial, individual boxes, bags or suitcases that weigh more than 30kg / 66 lbs requiring repacking, invoices unpaid for more than late payment of our charges, or,

charges for duty and taxes on the contents of your shipment applied by the customs agency in the destination charges, or,

charges by your bank or credit card company, or,   

storage charges, for example, delays in completing documentation or payment of our charges, or,

changes of details to your shipment, for example, changes to the size of your shipment, changes to the collection address, changes to the destination address once the shipment has arrived. These changes may be so significant that they require a complete requote.

How does the shipping process work?



With international shipments do not be surprised by a period of preparation before sending, this is entirely usual and can vary, depending on the service, between 2 days and 4 weeks. Your shipment is not late, this period is anticipated in the transit time, (See What does Transit Time mean?)and allows us to send your shipment for the price we have quoted you. Your shipment will then be transported either to the airport or port for export, depending on the service you have selected.


Once sent, your shipment may be not be sent directly to the destination country but will use the most economic shipping route which may include trans-shipping through another port such as Hong Kong or Singapore. Your shipment may not go directly to the desired destination city either; we ship to our Hub in that country. Your shipment will then be collected and brought back to our Hub to be cleared officially into the destination country.

Clearance & Destination Charges

Upon arrival in the country, you will be asked to pay the destination charges that were listed on the original quote.

We have set up on the website Latest information on Coronavirus,updated country by country .The link to the page is


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