Who Bears Medical Costs for Treating Patients From Overseas?

Both Shanghai and Beijing have announced insurance policies with regards to paying for medical expenses incurred because of the virus outbreak for people traveling from overseas into China.

Zheng Jin, a spokesman for the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health, shared at a press conference on Monday that those with a basic medical insurance plan will see their expenses subsidized by the government after paying medical expenses according to regulations in basic medical insurance, serious illness insurance, medical assistance, etc. 

However, people without medical insurance will not quality for such subsidies and all medical expenses will be borne by the patients themselves. That being said, medical assistance may be provided to those facing real difficulties in accordance with the law and regulations, should they qualify for it.

Those with commercial health insurance plans are covered by their insurance company.

Meanwhile, Deputy Secretary-General of the Beijing Municipal People's Government, Chen Bei, introduced similar policies at another press conference in the nations capital.

In a nutshell, those who have medical insurance will be able to receive subsidies by the government to reimburse incurred medical expenses, and those who do not have medical insurance cannot qualify for such subsidies, unless facing special conditions in accordance with relevant regulations for urgent medical assistance.

Commercial health insurance works as stated in their contracts.


Editor: Crystal H

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