How to Give and Respond to Compliments and in Chinese?

  Compliments play an important role in maintaining good social relationships. After all, it never hurts to make others feel good about themselves! Lets learn how to make compliments on someones mandarin. Besides, if you receive these compliments, what should you reply properly.

New Words

li l


bio zhn


d do

 authentic( language)

f yn


gu jing

     You are flattering me!

q sh


x yo



   Westerners are used to directly saying Thank you to show their acceptance or affirmation of compliments, but Chinese people like to appear more modest in the face of praise. You can just choose the way you prefer, just saying thank you is also a good choice. If you dont wanna accept the compliment or wanna show modest, its also fine answering withYou are flattering me!


---N de hny shu de hn lil.


You speak really fluent mandarin.

---Zhn de ma xixi n   


Really? Wow, thank you.

---N de fyn fichng biozhn. 


Your pronunciation is so standard.

---Qsh miyu lw hi xyo xux. 

Actually not, I think i still need study.

---N de ZhngWn shu de hn ddoh ZhngGu rn yyng.


You can speak very authentic and natural mandarin, just as the same as Chinese.

---Gujing lew jud w de zhngwn hi ky .    

I am flattered. I think now my mandarin is just okay.