Zhejiang CoViD Update: Man Confirmed on 6th Test!

Source: HangzhouTube

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Last Friday, a 66-year-old man was diagnosed of being infected by CoViD in Yuyao. He was the husband of the 7th confirmed case of the city. The man had been under mass medical observation since February 3. 

On February 7, he had syndromes of chest tightness and pharyngeal discomfort and was sent to the designated hospital for isolation. During the time, he had 5 consecutive tests, all negative. On February 14, the result of his 6th test was positive, and he was confirmed to be infected.

Wenzhou: Man Confirmed with 328 Close Contacts

On February 12, a 56-year-old man was confirmed to be infected by CoViD in Ruian, Wenzhou. Per the police, from February 3rd to 6th, the man drove in and out daily by using both his own and his brother's temporary passes. He also went to a rental room of Lianqian village to play mahjong. By his onset, he had close contact with 328 people. On February 15, relevant responsible units and persons for his case were held accountable.

Ningbo: Paper Health Code Available

Last Saturday, Ningbo officially announced the "Ningbo Code". The code would be in both the electronic and paper version so as to solve the application difficulty for non-Alipay users, elderly people and children. It is reported that the e-code had been put into operation on the 15th; the paper version could be applied for from the 16th.

Local Health Codes Launched 

As of February 15, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Shaoxing, Jinhua, Quzhou, Zhoushan, Taizhou and Lishui "Health Code" service had been launched on apps of Zheliban () and Alipay. 

 When Will Schools Open in Hangzhou?

On February 15, a screenshot of an internal document suspected of "school opening schedule" was forwarded in many WeChat groups in Hangzhou. In response, the person in charge of Hangzhou Education Bureau clarified that they had never submitted such a material. They will announce the opening time to the public once it is confirmed. 

Taizhou Government to Charter Aircraft for Workers

On February 15, according to the Taizhou government, they will organize civil aviation airliners, and plan to charter flights from Chongqing, Guiyang, Chengdu, Kunming and Xi'an to pick up local people to work in Taizhou. Charter fees will be subsidized by the municipal government by one third. It is applicable for:

  • Enterprises with more than 10 people working at one time:The air ticket price is about 900-1300 yuan per person; 

  • Enterprises with more demand may contact Taizhou airport for more details, at Tel: 0576-82512778. 

Best Treatment Period: Within 72 Hours

In the press of CoViD pneumonia prevention and control work held on February 15th, Sheng Jifang, an infectious disease specialist of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University, said that they had studied hundreds of cases of discharged patients in Zhejiang and formulated a combination therapy of lopinavir, amidal and interferon. According to her, the best treatment time is within the first 72 hours, as the cell damage might have not been very obvious.

It is reported that novel coronavirus pneumonia in Zhejiang has a cure rate of 35.20%, with zero fatality.

Isolated Foreign Actor Released Video

On February 15, Vincent Matile, a French actor isolated in Hangzhou, released a video on the Internet to support Wuhan and China. In the video, he said, "Hello everyone, this is tiger (), an actor. Here, I want to cheer for the people of Wuhan as well as the Chinese people. In the face of the severe epidemic, you have taken active and effective measures. I am now in Hangzhou and have been isolated for more than ten days, so I know how it feels. Let's unite as one to defeat the epidemic! China is going all out to fight the epidemic. Let's beat it together! "

Check the video here

Spring is Coming 

Last weekend, Xinhua released a set of photos of the West Lake taken on February 14. The flowers by the West Lake have bloomed, which tells the spring has come.

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